Friday, October 21, 2011

A Pick And A Project

It was a meager picking week/weekend but here's the one thing I found last Saturday
I'm not much into white wicker & I don't like the fabric on the seat of this little hamper but it called to me so I couldn't pass it up.  My inclination is to paint it & put a different fabric (black w/pink satin seat, pink w/black satin seat....I dunno, the possibilities are endless - unfortunately my "project time" isn't so it might go to the store for someone to love as it is.

So here's what kept me chained to the sweat shop last weekend - can you see what it is???

Well I sure couldn't when I almost tripped over this pile of stuff on someone's lawn at a yard sale.  But I looked & looked at it when a man came over & asked me if I was interested.  I said "what the heck is it?!"  It was coated with at least an inch of dirt & nearly black with age but I was intrigued.  It looked like something that may have been quite beautiful at some time.  The gentleman explained to me it had been his mother's, who had bought it in the 1940's or very early 50's and it is a two-tiered brass & glass coffee table!  He'd had it in his attic for many, many years.  I could tell it was a good piece but never having restored brass before I wondered if it was salvagable.  He said he thought Brasso would clean it up.  So it became mine for ten bucks & he helped me carry all the pieces to the car.  As we were closing the trunk he said he was so glad someone was taking it that would restore & make it beautiful again.  Whoa!  Easier said than done I tell ya!

Brasso didn't budge it.  I scrubbed & scrubbed & SCRUBBED it.  Then tried Hepcat's miracle cleaner, "Awesome".  Even the Awesome didn't budge it.  Just as I was about to concede defeat & go somewhere and mope, Big Daddy to the rescue!

Along with his items of what looked to me like pure destruction!

You can't see the hazmat suit because I was wearing as I shot this picture

After using an old paint brush to apply THE most harsh varnish remover to all the pieces & wiping them all down with 000 steel wool, then using the little hand buffer for several days on all pieces (I'm exhausted re-telling this!), this is where I'm at

Waaay better eh?!  And here's the pretty little feet

See the difference!  In fact the shiney buffed one on the left is actually much shinier than it looks in this picture.

So my friends, I'm still slaving away at it & I have to go buy a little dremmel tool with tinier buffing pads to get into the small areas, but I think it will be FANNNTABULOUS when it's done.  It BETTER be doggonit!  In fact after a fairly exhaustive internet search I finally found one similar selling to the tune of SIXTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!  Holey Moley!  I won't be selling this one for such a price but it's good to know that I KNEW a "buried treasure" (& it did look like it'd been buried for 60 years!) when I see one.  Oh, and the two glass pieces are a beautiful oval beveled.  When I finally get it all done I'll bring it back to show you & preen my feathers again.  In the meantime......give me the courage to go on Lord!

Here we are at the weekend again (where on earth did the week go?!) & I wish you all the very bestest treasure hunting.  Hope y'all find a treasure like I did - WITHOUT all the work!




  1. WOW! By all means, post a pic of the finished table when your done. You are so industrious! LOL

    SKYE O?O

  2. Hello "Anonymous" Skye ;- ) Oh I'll be sure to post a pic soon. Not sure I'm industrious tho, probably more over ambitious! These last projects have worn me plum out! I love that you come here to visit me. You're such a doll & great friend!

  3. Hellooooo Nelly! Yep, I'll post a picture soon - I hope to get it done soon. This has been a real BEAR of a project. And this post is such a blaugh blog compared to your very fun & creative ones! I have way more fun at your place than HERE! Thanks Nelly for always popping in. I appreciate it. I know your time is precious

  4. Oh Wow i can't wait to see how it turns out. To begin with i thought it was a pair of glasses with the lenses out until i started reading more ;-)) How silly am i. Keep rubbing at it its going to be like the jewel of the genee and the lamp ;-)its going to be fantastic. Have fun, dee xx

  5. Big Daddy to the rescue! That's great that you were able to get the brass clean. I can't wait to see the final piece!

  6. Your blog is adorable! =)