Friday, October 7, 2011

I've Done It!

Big Daddy says I've crossed the recycling line
But that happened a long time ago & he's just noticed.  He can't fool me, I saw the lust in his eyes.  I happen to like the look, don't you?  Now don't y'all rush out & copy me.  I'm going to patent it.

What I've actually done is really quite another feat for ME....I did it!...

I've got an Etsy store!  Omigosh!  But NOT without a great deal of grief, anger, and added insanity

Big Daddy got REAL lustful when he saw me in this dress - before he saw the gun of course.

But anyway, after a LOT of tears and frustration (I'm a techno-DWEEB) - SUCCESS!

His lust fizzled when he saw me in this dress

So, which one of these BABES is the REAL me you ask?  Take your pick.  Big Daddy gets lustful at all my persona's. Variety is the...well you know ;- )

But yep, I did it!  And I even figured out how to put the link to my Etsy shop here!  (how marketing savy is that?! *snurk*)Wow, I'm feeling quite smug & high tech these days. 

It also saves me (and YOU :- ) the blog about all my treasure finds on my recent, wonderful 600 mile pick-a-rama on the north coast because everything in the store is from that trip - save one or maybe two things but I managed to start a store with it!  (BTW - I will still be inflicting upon you my vacation pictures in the near future :- )  It was a grueling experience getting it all set up & ready to go, but what a wonderful thing when the next morning I awoke to find some very warm & welcoming ladies who had "favorited" my shop as well as some of my items on their store sites & blog sites.  I am very thankful to them and especially to the very sweet & helpful Paris at My Attics Charms for her support and tips.  So, if you would like, please take a peek!  And if you like what you see - SHARE THE LUV & pass it along! 

Tah-Dah!  A Twinkle In Time

So now that I've preened my feathers all over the place, and they seem to be flying everywhere, I will preen a bit more and show you my latest finished project.  (all you traditionalist's close your eyes!).  I found a lovely old (1918) tea cart in good structural shape but needing a bit of a new lease and since I find the occasional citrine martini preferable to a cup of tea I decided to have it MY way & give this girl a REAL lift into NOW!  Who says it has to be for tea anyway ;- )

I've been wanting to try a metallic paint so this is it!  A sparkling, NOW, martini cart!

Okay, I'm going away for now.  I hope you all have a glorious treasure hunting weekend.  The weather in Sacto CA is supposed to get great again so I may miss another picking weekend and squeeze in that old vanity set I've been dying to restore. 



  1. Helllooooo Vicki I was so pleased to see your comment and so happy you like my blog.I do have fun doing it and try and make people laugh when I can.I had a right old cackle at this post so which one are you lol I shall go check etsy too and all your old posts.
    I adore your header how cute is that.I am keeping mine as is coz everytime I play with it too much I mess up (techie phobe here.)
    With that kind blogger I just right clicked saved on mhy desktop then went to design at my blogger then went to add a gadget then to picure and added it there.Make sence? if not ask me again lol
    Thanks for being my 157th follower I shall be doing a give away soon.
    oh and if you need help with anything on blogger let me know xxx

  2. You comment made me laugh and yes I am the same as you but its all lies too lol.I think its sad all those dancing days are gone and only a small group do it now.It was a time of more innocence than today.And wasnt it good that you could tell the differnec between a man and a woman not like today takes me a while to work out sometimes ha ha.No picking for me and its Monday now so will see what goodies I find opping this week.Sho us your goodies soon.

  3. That's great!! :D

    I'm always so jealous of people who can find goodies at yard sales and such. I drove by one the other day and it had the usual heaps of old clothes, the broken down Wal Mart furniture and basic junk. Nothing good...

  4. Now there's the problem Ranchie - You drove by ONE! It's perserverance is what it is. To drive & drive & follow brightly colored signs with arrows on them nailed to street posts even if you can't read them cause some dork used a ball point pen instead of giant markers & they take you nowhere because another dork forgot to take theirs down a month ago! You just keep on truckin! And then there's the easy, smart way too - Craigslist! Map em out & go! Yep, it's the perseverance of the addict to get his/her fix! Just one found "treasure" (beauty is in the eye of the beholder but even the eye can be deceiving sometimes..."I paid 50 Cents for THAT?!?!!) & one's picking day is a success! Gosh, maybe I ought to write a users guide to picking since I nearly wrote a whole dang book right here! Haha!

    Ranchie! It's so good to see you! I was hoping all was well with your new computer, and YOU! It's funny, but when you go missing for a while I definitey note it. Maybe cause you were my inspiration & encouragement to get this thing going. Anyway, I shall skip on over now & see what's up at the ranch! Thank you so much for stopping by. As you can see, my new friend Nelly has been keeping me company. I know we're friends cause I call her Nelly! ;- ) And she's a darlin friend ain't (I MEAN..isn't) she! See ya at the ranch!

  5. Sorry I have been out of touch for a while on your blog. I was working on my Idaho Motel sign and right when I was almost done the paint bubbled up on me so I had to strip the whole thing. I had to walk away from the project and blogging for a few days because I was so upset. I'm honestly still not over I'm so glad you got your store up! I checked it out and you have some really awesome stuff. And you are way more tech savvy than you give yourself credit for.

  6. Ahhh kiddo I knew something was up. Sometimes we work ourselves too hard & ruin all the fun. You're THE coolest Hepcat around - stay that way!

  7. Blinkin heck what a fab make over i love the Martini cart and those blue glasses are gorgeous. Well done you ;-)) dee xx

  8. Thank you Dee-Dee! I hope someone else loves it too - and buys it!