Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Quit! I Give Up!

No, I haven't quit or given up blogging even though it may seem so since I haven't been here since Easter.  What I have been TRYING (VERY hard to do) is....

                                                                                        QUIT SMOKING

So, it hasn't been a picnic I tell you, since I've been smoking since I was (literally) a kid.  Back in those days no one had any idea this crappy habit could kill you.  Nupe.  Oh, I remember whispers starting in the early 60's about the lethal results but as a teenager the flip attitude was, hey, by the time I get cancer from it they'll have found a cure.  Hahahaha.  Very funny - NOT.  But that's how it was.  So, I'm giving it my best college try.  The first two weeks being near devastation with physical & emotional trauma.  I know this sounds way dramatic, but when it's embedded in your every cel since "kidhood", it's a habit that's extremely physical as well as emotional.  I can't explain it further but those who don't smoke can't know, and those who do or have, DO know.  That's all I can say for now.  I haven't reached total success yet but I am trying harder than ever before & feel quite proud of my progress, but won't call myself a winner until I am totally smoke-free.  Wish me luck & send me your best STOP SMOKING karma.

And, the "I give up" part?  I GIVE UP ON ALL SPRAY PAINTING restoration projects!  After many years of trying to master the successful use of spray paint I throw up my hands and give up!  I have no idea how to achieve a fine, smooth finish with spray.  Here's the straw that broke the camel's back......I recently had the great luck to find an Ingrid Party Ball which I was very happy about - however, some WEINER HEAD had marked on it with a permanent marking pen.  What else could one be but a WEINER HEAD to mark on plastic with a permanent marker?!  I guess one might call me a weiner head for not testing to make sure before I bought it, but honestly folks, I give people more credit than I should.  If you own a thrift store you SHOULD know NOT to use permanent marker on ANYTHING.  So okay, I decide to get some Valspar Paint For Plastic (I always buy Valspar now cause that's what Hepcat uses & HIS stuff comes out perfect every time).  So, except for the permanent marker on the back, here WAS my lovely party ball

                                                                                             Nice, eh?

And my lovely results....

Having done a couple of coats yesterday, with spatters spewing out of the can instead of spray, and paint dripping down my hand and arm, I decided to give it one more coat today to TRY to cover up the drip marks & get a nice, shiney finish.  With outside temp around 70 degrees it seemed the perfect time - not too cool, not too hot, NOT damp.  And here my friends is my wonderful results.  Crinkling!  So then, that's THE END of my restoration attempts, as well as the end of my party ball.  In the trash (recycle of course :- ) it goes.  THANK YOU WEINER HEAD, whoever you are for ruining my party ball, my day, and all hopes of ever achieving greatness at restoration.  HAH!

Are you feeling real sorry for me yet?  Thank you.  But on to other, more pleasant things - which in spite of all the above, has occurred since we last met here.  First off

                                                       A GREAT and much needed getaway to goregous Lake Tahoe

Yep, the beautiful north shore of Lake Tahoe - got to run away with Big Daddy & my darling little sis-in-law who was visiting from Maui.  We spent days PICKING Tahoe AND Reno, NV.  We picked em clean & I came home with a great booty of treasure.  Nearly had to send Big Daddy home on the bus so we could get the treasures back home.  But we squeezed him in the trunk - naw, just kidding.  All made it home safely & comfortably.  Here's a pic of one of my favorite "sites" at North Shore, which I'm sure will unfortunately be gone in the coming years

                                                                                         The Tahoe Biltmore

The once great Tahoe Biltmore hotel & casino.  Once partly owned by the Chairman of the Board, the great Old Blue Eyes himself - Frank Sinatra.  It's still open and this iconic structure still stands but it is totally built of timber & is already being anchored for safety.  Oh the glamor stories this place could tell in the glory days.  But it's days are numbered I'm sure & it will be a sad day in my life when it is shuttered and taken down.  Anyway, thought you'd like to see it if you haven't before.

Another fun place we visited was in lovely Truckee, California (did some pretty good pickin there too)

                                                                                            Jax Truckee Diner

And believe me when I say, the food is gennnuine scrumptious, 1950's artery clogging GREAT! 

So that's were I've been, what I've been up to & how I have suffered since we last met.  Oh wait, there's that treasure of GREAT booty!  Way too much to inflict upon you all right now, but here's a few of my fav finds (aside from the dearly departed Party Ball)

                                                       Dear old friends of mine, Terry & Diane did a kitchen remodel & gave me this
                                                       great gorgeous old copper light fixture!

                                                                    Found this beeeautiful vintage Lea Stein, Paris brooch                                                                     at the Hospice store in Reno, NV :- )

                                                       A very sexy 1950's pinup girl ashtray from Holland Molds from
                                                       the flea market

                                                                         An original 1950's Kit Kat Klock from my
                                                                         friend Frank


Tons & bunches MORE!  (I KNOW if Heidi Ann stops by she is going to covet those MOD bed sheets I found! ;- )

But that's all I will bore you with today.  Just wanted to let the world know I did not EXPIRE, I am still amongst the living & will try to stay in touch a bit better than I have done.  I have been keeping up with all your wonderful blogs but due to evil WITHDRAWALS, a busy schedule (bringing my gorgeous back home from college in San Fran), taking care of my beautiful granddaughter, the lovely Tessa Bella, playing housekeeper to this honkin old ranch style house I call home, the store in Folsom, and Etsy, and well.........maybe I DID expire!  Haha!

Love you all & hope you won't forget me, even if I DO expire :- )



Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

HAPPY EASTER to all my wonderful blog friends.  May your day be filled with LOTS of love and chocolate bunny kisses. 


Save a bunny!  Adopt a dog from your local shelter

Sending Easter ((HUGS)) from Sacto CA!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Hadta Share......

                                                                                          1. Boil eggs.
                                                                                          2. Crack shell.
                                                                                          3. Re-boil eggs in colored water.
                                                                                          4. Peel shell off.

I thought these were SO kewl till I recognized the egg in front as having looked just like my eyes one morning in Vegas.

Seriously though (& I'm serious about that Vegas trip!) wouldn't these be SO pretty as deviled (stuffed) eggs!

Happy Easter week & may yours be waaaaaaaaaay less frantic than mine already is!

And may you all have love & family and LOTS of See's Chocolate bunny kisses!


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekend Find!

Geez, the weekend's not even over but look what I found already!  See if you can guess what it is....(I'm SO in love with it!)

A Bar Cart?

A Beautiful Living Room End Table?

                                                             It's a GORGEOUS 1960's Magnavox Stereo Console!

I saw it and noted what a beautiful piece of furniture it was.  The cover, which is like a roll top desk was closed so I didn't really know what it was, so I pulled the roll top back and OMIGOSH, I threw my body over it so no one else could get it while I whistled & flailed my arms for a person to plug it in and tell me (PLEASE GOD!) that it worked.  I have a passion for these great old console stereo's.  Such a romantic time it was loading them up with LP's or 45's and listening to your favorite love songs or the great old rock & roll.  Oh, I know, you can still do that with CD's, but this is just different for those of us who marveled that more than one record could be set to play without having to change each one.  And Magnavox was simply special.  The sound on this baby is INNNNcredible!  The bass could blast you out of the house.  It is immaculate clean, absolutely no scratches and everything works!  Usually the turntables on these old consoles go ka-put first & you're left with just the radio.  This one works & only needs a needle which is a very easy fix.  It even still has the pole to load 45's.

What really blows me away about this one (besides everything!) is the size.  I've NEVER seen one like this - it is small and there is no "back side" - it is the same all the way around & the cord comes from underneath and is able to connect additional speakers if desired.  It is only 23" tall, 30" long, and 19" deep.  It could be put between two easy chairs with a small lamp on it, or a couple of "refreshing beverages".  Or used as an end table.  In my opinion it is simply exquisite.  I am so excited about this find - can you tell?  ;- ) 

Also today, after taking the stereo OF MY DREAMS to the store, we went to Home Depot to choose a color for the "new" dining room.  I made the decision to go with coral instead of the red.  We decided on this

My camera doesn't really pick up the true tone & in the darker light of the dining room it looks REALLY orange so we're going to go back & maybe try for a shade lighter.  I am HORRIBLE at choosing colors & have NO faith in myself in this regard so PLEASE wish me luck!  But coral it's going to be with new turquoise upholstered seats for the chairs.  Curtains will be a turquoise also with maybe an atomic or tropical motif & accessories as I find them.  I'm admittedly nervous about this cause once I start one room, it's going to be on to the next.  I could end up with a real CIRCUS here!  HEPCAT...I think I need you!!!!

So that was my exciting Saturday & I couldn't wait to share it with you.  I'll be working at the store all day tomorrow, listening to sweet oldie music on that gorgeous Magnavox radio - till I get the new needle and can lug all my old LP's out & listen to them!

Hope your weekend is as happy & as sweet pickin as mine!


Friday, March 30, 2012

To Do It Or Not???

Ok, once again I know I'm lagging here, but it's been a case of "bloggers block" (you know, like writers block only less important - no publishers deadlines), or most probably the nasty funk I've found myself in for the past couple of weeks.  Don't know what it is cause things are as fine as they can be, just funked out - blue!  *Sigh*.  But I decided to give it a whirl today & tell you the GREAT news that I sold the Grand Server cocktail table I showed you a couple of weeks ago and it was only in the shop a little over a week!  It caused quite a commotion & while I was not surprised it sold so fast, I'm SO happy it did cause it would have definitely come home to live with ME very soon if it hadn't. 

On another subject completely, a month or so ago Jan at the wonderful blog No Pattern Required did a blog with some vintage Better Homes & Gardens magazines, entitled Decorating Problems - No Problems which showed many different examples the magazine suggested.  I simply fell head over heels in LOVE with this dining room - it is my dream dining room.  I asked her if I might "borrow" the picture to use as a POSSIBLE inspiration room & to show here.  She very kindly responded with "YES!" and I thank her.
  To me this is simply breath taking.  It was an ad to show what the wonderful Armstrong flooring could do to a room, but the room itself just sent me into orbit.

For a long time part of my brain has been saying I'm too old to start over & change out & that is why I buy & SELL instead of keep.  But doggonit, I'm not at the old folks home yet!  The other part of my brain has been telling me that I SHOULD bring my 1950's "Ranch-style" home back to it's beginnings and make it what it once was.  We did a lot of renovation when we got it nearly 30 years ago - and I WISH I'd kept a lot of what we took out.  At the time I was into the antique-ish stuff, then went to more contemporary, which looks nice, but it's NOT where this old place should be.  It should be the home of my childhood days - the 50's, and possibly a little meld over to early 60's.

I THINK I have the "bones" for a room similar to this - of course not the gorgeous furniture which I could never replicate, but I recently got a beautiful 1950's American of Martinsville dining set that might, with the right colors & decor, come close to being as pretty as above.  Here are the bones -
The table,

                                                                                      The buffet & chairs

I know it's not the gorgeous Oriental, rattan furniture shown but I think with the right colors & Oriental accessories (chandelier, artwork, etc.) it could work.  Then my thought is to paint the walls the red color shown (not sure I can do wallpaper anymore but I might try if I can find just THE right one), and hang retro aqua color panels where the sheers are currently.  Definitely add cornice boxes and a few touches of bamboo.  Another thought was to go for coral color walls with aqua bark cloth with a bit of an atomic design & not go with the Oriental theme.

So....should an old girl go for it?  Take it back to where we both came from?  Or just continue finding lovely, new places for beautiful vintage treasures to go?  To the "new" generation of those who love where we came from?

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Ideas?  Encouragement?  Thumbs down?  Cause if I start, it's going all the way!  (where the HELL do I think I'm going to get all the energy needed for this?! ;- )



Monday, March 12, 2012

Heads Up Frock Ladies!

This is a late addition to my blog this morning but I came across this and HAVE TO share.  It's from a wonderful blog called Madam Guillotene by a writer & student in France.  Here's the tip of the iceberg
Need I say more?!  Get thyself there!

And thank you to the young lady at Madame Guillotine for this breathtaking peek at Empress Josephine's STUNNING wardrobe.

My Weekend Booty!

Funny how the definition of words changes through the years, so no, I'm not going to moon you today - that would be grounds for capital punishment - but show you instead some great recent treasures.  Some this weekend, some here & there during the week.  First is the estate sale I went to on Saturday which had this
And this...

Beg and plead as I might (and I did :- ), she would NOT let me have them!  But boy I would have come in with a wrench and unscrewed that toilet in a hot minute!  How bout that pink flocked wallpaper! 

This was a fun estate sale.  There really wasn't much left after the family treasures had been distributed but it was definitely a little walk through time.  It was a house built in the early 50's and owned by a couple who'd lived in it from day one till recently.  A cozy little home where you could see they'd lived a good life, and also each era was evident from the pink 50's to the orange 60's with this

Now this she did let me purchase!  I love the style & color & it swivels & rocks, but it's in pretty rough shape.  The "bones" are great - solid & sturdy and the fabric is not torn or very worn but the seat cushion is REALLL crunchy and the back fabric is stretched.  So I'm in a dilemma about having it reupholstered and keeping it for ME (because I really love it) or just taking it to the store, selling it for a song and letting the new owners do the reup.  Hmmm.  Gonna have to think on this for a while.

Elsewhere I found this - I'm a freak for vintage barware - it's so reminescent of days when cocktail parties meant actually wearing GLAMOUROUS cocktail dresses!  I don't know if this is actually vintage but I was taken by the amathyst color and the frosted pattern (the pattern you can't really see in the picture).  When I got home & was washing it I noticed a pretty  etching of a bee on the lid & it puzzles me.  Is it the mark of the maker or just a "pretty".  If anyone knows, please let me know.  There is no mark on the bottom so maybe the bee is the maker mark???

Also picked up this way cool phone from the 70's. 

And these very cute, teensy-tiny salt & pepper shakers - I LOVE em - they're poodles!

And this Mitterteich Bavaria tea/coffee set

And since it's Monday morning & we're thinking COFFEE!  How bout this I got from Frank a couple of weeks ago!  Is this THE "star" of all percolators or what?!

Not only does it have the razzle-dazzle starburst design, the darn thing lights up from the bottom of the pot while it's brewing!  What DIDN'T they think of in the 60's!  Oh it was a grand time!

So that's it for now.  A very colorful weekend "booty" I'd say! 

Now for that yummie cup of coffee - and believe me, these old percolators made one mighty fine brew!

Cheerio!  Have a great week & can't wait to see what y'all came up with!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Update And A Treasure For ME!

This will be just a quick update for today because I wanted to show you the table I purchased last Friday from an un-borrowed picture from Hepcat as I showed in the last post.  I had my son Sean pick it up at the estate sale and take it DIRECTLY to my space in Folsom.  Had it come home first for the usual "spit & polish" cleanup it would probably NEVER have left.  So here it is, the GRAND SERVER (which is already causing a stir!) at my space in Folsom.
Is it stunning or WHAT?!
One doesn't even have to leave the couch to get another "refreshing beverage"!  

And here is the "ME" part.  Hepcat and the Adorable Mz. Kitty were by my place Saturday morning to pick up a stunning but needing a full "face lift", 1950's desk by Paul Laszlo for Brown-Saltman that he is going to restore & use in their new bedroom.  It's a project I'm going to be watching carefully and with great anticipation.  Anyway, they told me there was a yard sale around the corner from me - HOW did I miss that?!  So I cruise on over only to find a few old toys and a ton of plant pots, none of which I was a bit interested in.  Disappointed, I headed back down the driveway when the lady asked me what sort of things I'm looking for.  Nothing in particular I tell her but not toys or planters.  But she for some reason persisted so I told her my interest is mostly mid century furniture and accessories.  Wellll, says she, let me show you something in the garage.   I thought it odd that she was so persistent about what I was looking for, and still do, but I'm thinking it was a divine blessing and meant to be.  Here it is, MY new kitchen light fixture!
Is it FABULOUS or what?!

I tend not to keep the treasures I find because well, I just can't - I'm supposed to be downsizing, not upsizing!  But this is the exception.  It pulls down from a cord on the ceiling to any length you desire and It will go in the kitchen breakfast area over the table, front & center of a large window facing the front of the house - so everyone can see it and be jealous ;- )

So that's my "partial" story of the weekend.  I'm off to Folsom to work the day.  It's GORGEOUS weather in Sacto., CA today (SEVENTY-FOUR degrees!!!) and I suspect it will be a busy - (and hopefully lucrative!) day.

Later gaters!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Congratulations To Brian In Colorado! And God's BLESSING to Donna In Texas

Okay, this isn't really Brian.  I have no idea what Brian looks like,  but we're congratulating him today for being the LAST person on planet Earth to received a LARGE, odd sized item from A Twinkle In Time on Etsy (AKA the little kitchen in my sweet, humble abode)

Do you remember my delight at finding the mid century, popcorn wall art?  Ok, I'll refresh your memory

                                                          I no longer think they are cute, fun, unique or interesting

And here's why..........

Picture Forrest's sweet little grama (that would be me) with a box nearly the size of the kitchen floor space she was packing these monstrocities in, with a roll of bubble paper nearly the size of a monster truck tire and a sack of packing peanuts nearly as tall as herself.  The wheel of bubble paper scared the tar out of the weiner dog & had him barking every time I STRUGGLED to reach around the giant egg of a wall plaque to wrap it securely.  Me again with a sauce pan bailing peanuts into the box & having them fly all over the floor as they pass from the bag to the box.  The box being a bit too big & having to SAW it down with a butcher knife because I didn't have a box cutter.  A chain saw would have been better.   But I did manage to get it all packed up & sealed with 45 yards of packing tape, sweating by this time (and swearing) only to see out the corner of my eye the dear little weiner dog ingesting a PACKING PEANUT.  That will of course mean a bazillion dollar vet bill if he swallows it.  In panic I yell, "Duke!" (that's the little bugger's name) & of course he takes off at a dead heat for under the bed.  I MUST be calm or he will not come.  He will eat the peanut under the bed.  And Brian will NOT pay the vet bill.  So while I'm screaming my brains out inside my head, I am cheerily calling the little menace to "come now Duke-ee - cookie time!"  Of course when cookie time is mentioned the pit-mix (Lucy) goes into dead run like the devil's on her tail into the kitchen.  Pandemonium has happened & Duke wants a piece of the action & saunters out, very sneaky like & I grab him like a flash of lightening, Lucy think's I'm attacking her best pal & is barking as I'm attempting to pry open his jaws (you thought a pit bull had strong jaws??? - HAH!) and dig the hunk of styrofoam out from his gooey throat.
                              This is of course not Duke, or me, but I wanted to be as graphic & dramatic as possible

Ok, I'm fine (sweating, shaking and wishing it was 5 o'clock instead of 4 o'clock & on my way to the post office so I can bust out the hard liquor).  I make it to the P.O. without incident in the rush hour traffice (dog saliva still on my shirt cuff), drag the DAMN box that now weights 100 lbs with packing materials, fill out the "Delivery Confirmation" and "Insurance" forms, get in line with the ALBATROSS that takes up at least as much space in line as 2 people, wait patiently for my turn only to find out I  MISfigured the shipping cost - HEWWWW knew the post office has a MONSTER SURCHARGE on "oversized" packages?!?!?!   Who knew they keep smelling salts at the post office?  And that the nice man at the counter also knows CPR?  I survived, but I would ask you ALL to give Brian a BIG pat on the back for his status of being the LAST person on the planet to recieve a large, odd shaped, heavy item from A Twinkle In Time at Etsy, bless his soul.

And, as we congratulate & bless lucky Brian's soul, let's DO send blessing's to Donna in Texas for...

Her order today of one teensy-tiny juice glass that only took a couple of sheets of leftover bubble paper & a tiny box.      Blessings on you - if you only knew!
I would like to close this with a word that I LOVE and ADORE my wonderful Etsy buyers.  In spite of this and the last post, they have been very, very good to me and I appreciate them, truly.  I'm thinking of today as well, a lesson learned, or perhaps...BAPTISM BY FIRE in the land of internet selling and postal fees.  Pardon me if I have NO IDEA why the U.S. Postal Service is going belly-up! 

Oh!  One more I was going to my shipping supply store today to purchase the EIGHT dollar box for Brian, I caught an estate sale sign, did a sharp left, followed it and made a FANNNTASTIC find!
WOWZA & WHOOPEEEE!  How bout that!  And THANKYOU Hepcat for (unknowingly) letting me snag this pic from your blog and for your expert advise from my SOS call this morning! 

Oh my gosh, it's now 6 o'clock!  One hour late for Happy Hour!  *pop goes the brandy cork!*



Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aardvark! A Rummage Sale and TREASURES!

This is ME today after 4 - count em - FOUR failed Etsy sales.  THREE of which were international which means I had to go cross town to my shipping supply store, buy special boxes (for double boxing), run home, pack them for shipping to take to the post office to stand in line to get postage fees to run home, notify the buyers of their fees, to have them CANCEL for various (NUMB-NUT) reasons.  I guess I should have figured that the "buyer" from Australia calling herself MZ. EMBALMO (Ribbons Rigormortis) just MIGHT have been a HOAX.  But oh no - trust everyone in the world, after all some people are very proud of their professions, right?  Etsy has been GREAT - I can't complain tooo much, but really folks, wouldn't you look like this after such a week?!  Actually Ardie looks much better than me at this particular moment in time.  It's before noon here :- )

Onto bigger & better things - like the church rummage sale last Saturday.  I ADORE church rummage sales & hadn't been to one in ages so I was looking forward to this even though by happencestance it was the church I'd been married in once upon a nightmare on another planet but we won't go there right now.  Shoulda been an omen I guess.  And the gall of me to ask Big Daddy to accompany me - but I did and didn't tell him that news until we got through the door (and after a missed-step by him), everything was okay when greeted by this...
Sister's Candy & Lollypop shed their "usual habits" and become CAKE LADIES!
Oh yes, this too should have been an omen.  Get the sweet stuff before you go through the next doors to the rummage sale from HELL!

Okay, it wasn't REALLY hellish, Big Daddy hit the tables like a man possessed! 
(Not bad for an old guy, eh?!  He was particularly ravishing at the recent Scottish Games in his plaid kilt which I told him looked positively WRONG with tennis shoes & golf sox, but would he listen?  Neuuuu.  He thought all the gawking girls were praying for strong winds.  HAH!) 

Anyway, here he is leaving with a *grin* and a brand new pair of Etonic golf shoes & some other such nonsense

And, (I'm going to hell for this)...I stole these from Sister's Candy & Lollypop (JUST KIDDING of course) - not bad, but not the LOAD I was hoping for

Then for being a good soldier I offered to take him to my favorite breakfast place for THE best French Toast in town - maybe the WORLD - the Tower Cafe which is located next to the old and one of the two gorgeous deco theatres left in Sacramento, the Tower Theatre

Inside the also lovely Tower Cafe

Breakfast was GREAT but my mind wanders sometimes
Hmm, margaritaville.  Strawberries are healthy food, right?! ;- )

Okay, I'm stuck in "center" mode so this is how it's going to be till I get unstuck

The week wasn't a complete loss, truly!  I had a FANNNtastic trip to my friend Frank's house who allowed me to pick through and purchase some of his INNNcredible treasure trove of GREATNESS.  And here is just a "sneak peek" at the greatness I was lucky enough to bring home.
Getting ready for the spit & polish!
And this

And this

1930's LALIQUE!
And more!  But there's a preview of my next blog!

And about that Aardvark who I so cruelly (to him) compared to how I look this morning, It's actually a set of two I found on my way out of one of my favorite thrifting haunts.  Odd little critters by Robert Maxwell.  Never heard of him or seen these but they oddly caught my eye & called to me.  A most odd choice for me, but they just sucked my heart right outta my chest so they came home with me.  A bit of internet research told me Mr. Maxwell is quite a well known artist & his "critter-beasties" as they are known, are also very well known and collectible & I was VERY lucky to find a numbered PAIR!  Lucky me!  Here they are, Ardie & his little pal Vark.