Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aardvark! A Rummage Sale and TREASURES!

This is ME today after 4 - count em - FOUR failed Etsy sales.  THREE of which were international which means I had to go cross town to my shipping supply store, buy special boxes (for double boxing), run home, pack them for shipping to take to the post office to stand in line to get postage fees to run home, notify the buyers of their fees, to have them CANCEL for various (NUMB-NUT) reasons.  I guess I should have figured that the "buyer" from Australia calling herself MZ. EMBALMO (Ribbons Rigormortis) just MIGHT have been a HOAX.  But oh no - trust everyone in the world, after all some people are very proud of their professions, right?  Etsy has been GREAT - I can't complain tooo much, but really folks, wouldn't you look like this after such a week?!  Actually Ardie looks much better than me at this particular moment in time.  It's before noon here :- )

Onto bigger & better things - like the church rummage sale last Saturday.  I ADORE church rummage sales & hadn't been to one in ages so I was looking forward to this even though by happencestance it was the church I'd been married in once upon a nightmare on another planet but we won't go there right now.  Shoulda been an omen I guess.  And the gall of me to ask Big Daddy to accompany me - but I did and didn't tell him that news until we got through the door (and after a missed-step by him), everything was okay when greeted by this...
Sister's Candy & Lollypop shed their "usual habits" and become CAKE LADIES!
Oh yes, this too should have been an omen.  Get the sweet stuff before you go through the next doors to the rummage sale from HELL!

Okay, it wasn't REALLY hellish, Big Daddy hit the tables like a man possessed! 
(Not bad for an old guy, eh?!  He was particularly ravishing at the recent Scottish Games in his plaid kilt which I told him looked positively WRONG with tennis shoes & golf sox, but would he listen?  Neuuuu.  He thought all the gawking girls were praying for strong winds.  HAH!) 

Anyway, here he is leaving with a *grin* and a brand new pair of Etonic golf shoes & some other such nonsense

And, (I'm going to hell for this)...I stole these from Sister's Candy & Lollypop (JUST KIDDING of course) - not bad, but not the LOAD I was hoping for

Then for being a good soldier I offered to take him to my favorite breakfast place for THE best French Toast in town - maybe the WORLD - the Tower Cafe which is located next to the old and one of the two gorgeous deco theatres left in Sacramento, the Tower Theatre

Inside the also lovely Tower Cafe

Breakfast was GREAT but my mind wanders sometimes
Hmm, margaritaville.  Strawberries are healthy food, right?! ;- )

Okay, I'm stuck in "center" mode so this is how it's going to be till I get unstuck

The week wasn't a complete loss, truly!  I had a FANNNtastic trip to my friend Frank's house who allowed me to pick through and purchase some of his INNNcredible treasure trove of GREATNESS.  And here is just a "sneak peek" at the greatness I was lucky enough to bring home.
Getting ready for the spit & polish!
And this

And this

1930's LALIQUE!
And more!  But there's a preview of my next blog!

And about that Aardvark who I so cruelly (to him) compared to how I look this morning, It's actually a set of two I found on my way out of one of my favorite thrifting haunts.  Odd little critters by Robert Maxwell.  Never heard of him or seen these but they oddly caught my eye & called to me.  A most odd choice for me, but they just sucked my heart right outta my chest so they came home with me.  A bit of internet research told me Mr. Maxwell is quite a well known artist & his "critter-beasties" as they are known, are also very well known and collectible & I was VERY lucky to find a numbered PAIR!  Lucky me!  Here they are, Ardie & his little pal Vark.



  1. Okay, obviously Ardie & his little pal Vark aren't shown because I am a DORK and as I was posting the pic, hit a wrong key, thought I LOST the whole post, found the draft, but can't figure out how to insert the picture, blah, blah, my new little friends will be here next time. *grumble-grumble* But that's not as bad as the X-pletives I was using when I thought I lost the whole dang thing I tell ya! Signing off, over & out, hoping for a safe landing SOMEWHERE.

  2. To the Divine Mz. Dance who caught me in my suicidal moment after having thought I lost this whole post....I reconsidered due, not to the children who have happily abandoned me for greener pastures, but for that new KitKat flavor thank you. I can't believe you caught that post! It was only up for about 5 minutes! Oh lord, just put me in line behind the Chinese lady & love me anyway! Haha!

  3. Oh Vic bless you ;-) I hate writing blog posts sometimes my laptop and blogger can be a right pain in the bum sometimes. Sorry to hear about your buyers on Etsy what a cruel bunch of people. I sold on ebay for a while i had a collection of vintage record players and made quite a good amount on them but everyone moaned about something or other people expect vintage to be perfect but it isn't. Then i had a lady from Astralia that bought a vintage casserole dish but wanted it weighed first so i like you went to the post office etc only to get home to say she didn't want it any more. It put me off and i haven't sold since. I only did it for about 2 months. Great buys you have there love the glass at the end. And i have to say why do you have so few followers you have a great blog, i will mention you in my next post. Have a lovely weekend lovely, dee xx

  4. Why do I have such few followers Darling Dee?....because I'm a dork on this thing and screw it up, and well, I LOVE my few followers. Quality, not quantity, right ;- ) But having a little mention would be nice and so kind of you! It might also help if I kept to it more often :- ) This week has been my first bad week with Etsy, otherwise I have been very fortunate and will keep on with it - unless I get too many MZ. EMBALMO's that is! Hope things are going well in your world & that your son is feeling better. Always love to see your pretty self here. Thankyou for always stopping by.

  5. I know what you mean about Quantity not quality and i stick to only following blogs that interest or inspire me. Even if others follow me and i don't follow them as i know some only are in it for the amount they can get that may sound harsh i don't mean it to. But you are such a lovely lady and write such great posts etc you deserve the credit and i would love for others to read your blog because of this. My son still isn't well and we are still waiting for hospital appointments etc further tests and things before we can start any treatment so its a bit frustrating but nothing i can do now except wait. I am shattered tonight im not going to lie i had to go back to work on Tuesday and its been full on. Im off now for 4 days and my joints need it ;-) I have to take my other son to hospital on Monday for his second appointment he may need a little personnal opperation we will find out on Monday. But other wise life is good. Hope all is well with you. dee x

  6. Hey Vic,

    Great scores at Frank's! Mel and I need to go to the Tower Cafe soon. We haven't been in forever...and have never been for their french toast. Maybe that's what we can do for our next get together??

  7. Ms. Vickie, hello! Simply cannot you were duped by the fiendish Ms. Embalmo! I have never liked the look of the woman, and that husband of hers 'Old Mausolus' - now, you wouldn't want to be stuck in a lift with him! *shudder*

  8. Mz. Dance, about getting stuck in the lift with 'Old Mausolus' - if he paid his Etsy bill..... ;- ) Can you believe, so to speak, I got sucked in by Mz. Embalmo! She needs to stay home & mind her own darn business and take care of Old Mausolus - a perfect pair they are!

    Hepcat - Those are just the tip of the iceberg scores I got from Frank! I haven't got most of the stuff photographed yet! What fun & he's such a great guy. We're lucky cat's aren't we! Hey maybe after one Second Sunday we can hit Tower Cafe.

  9. thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog name and photo had me cracking up! darling puppy. I enjoyed your post and am sorry for your trouble with the etsy non buyers. Those last two teasers photos, lalique I'm going to have to go look up. How fabulous!!

  10. Finding Lalique is the best revenge. Take THAT Mr. Embalmo! Aardvarks are always fun, you'd think they'd be prickly but no, pure fun. Loved your post today.

  11. Cailin, thank you so much for stopping by. I enjoyed your blog - I so envy talented, creative people! I look forward to following your projects.

    Dear Helen - revenge indeed! I like the way you think. But did you know - David Letterman said this so I believe it - aardvarks can carry the leprosey! So I'll just stick to my Maxwell beastie critters thank you :- )

    1. Ahhh I think that is Armedillos(sp?) HAHAHA!! :D

    2. Oh Yeah! It is armedillos! Haha! Thank you my dear friend for pointing that out. I have besmurked the dear Ardvarks :- )

  12. The lovely Dee sent me your way! What a pain about the etsy sales! I always pay straight away when I purchase something. Cute sugar molds. :)

  13. Hello V-Sweetheart! The lovely Dee is the lovliest isn't she. The very sweetest girl for sure. Thank you so much for stopping by, and for being a great online shopper :- ) Please do come calling again!

  14. Hello Vickie:
    We have been 'virtually' introduced to you by the delicious Helen Hartman and what fun it is to have arrived. Your blog posts are such good fun and full of such lively spirit, where have we been to not have seen you before?

    Your Lalique piece is absolutely charming. Such a fantastic find. It has a wonderfully translucent quality to the glass and the whole feel of it is so Art Nouveau, a period which we find to be most appealing.

    It is appalling the way in which you have been treated by your mystery on line shopper. It would seem that many people do this as very often people have to stress about the need to pay before goods are sent and that formal complaints procedures will be followed if people do not follow through with their purchase once they have shown an intention to pay.Still, for each of these disappointing experiences, there are countless others which are happy and successful. Good luck in the future!

  15. Absolutely!!!!! Vickie is one of the very best people I know!!!

    SHAME!!!!!! on those dishonest jerks to treat her like that!!!!