Monday, February 6, 2012

An Orangeday Afternoon

I know I've been a lousy blogger since Christmas but it's been a slow "bounce-back" from the holidays & being sick, etc.  Also, I expanded my space at Folsom & I tell you, that was nearly like a whole house move!  Also consolidated two storage spaces into one (another epic project), and taking care of my Etsy store is, I think, nearly as much work as my space in Folsom.  Whew, who knew!  Anyway, it's been a long road back to "normal" ("Normal" - In my lifetime?  Who am I kidding!).  But of course I've been picking since then - that's what keeps the old ball rolling, right?  Last Saturday was a particularly good day as I managed to find TWO great estate sales NOT run by those scabby robber liquidation outfits.  These were family run and those are my favorite kind.  Not just because the prices are right but also because there is a more personal feeling and interaction, and I like that.  I hit the jackpot!  And it was particularly orange! 

First is a beautiful Red Wing decanter.  I've found a couple of other of this style by Bauer but haven't found one with a lid so I felt very lucky

Then this pretty Oxford Stoneware pitcher - I love this 40's style

(Sorry it's a dark picture - I had to re-take it because Blogger doesn't allow pics that are taken vertically which I had done earlier & now it's late & don't have natural light but either way it sure is pretty isn't it!)

Next is an adorable Cat Tail pitcher from old Sears & Roebuck. 

Then a pretty little orange tea pot.  I don't know the maker but it was orange so it came home with me :- )

And some things were orange and green, like these waaay cool Pyrex dinnerware sets I couldn't live without

And well, some things were blue and green, like this very groovy Mikasa set that called to me :- )
                                                           (I definately have a problem saying NO to dinnerware)

And some things were just brown, like this ADORABLE trio of Howard Pierce birds.
Hiccup...OKAY, these are obviously NOT Howard Pierce birds but I screwed up and I'm terrified of trying to edit and losing everything so let's just ignore this, k ;- )

AhhhhhhHem....Introducing my new Howard Pierce birds

                                              So sweet!  I'm going to have a hard time parting with these little guys!

Oh!  And green again.  I absolutely adore this tiny little wishing well lamp which says on one side, "Oh wishing well" and on the other side says, "Grant a wish to me".  I love it.  I may keep it and tell it my wishes each day & see what happens.  I'll be re-wiring it because the cord is pretty crispy.

Well, I guess that's enough "catch-up" for tonight.  I'll try to do better & not let this go so long.  It's not all that exciting but sharing treasures is fun.  Gotta get ready for BACHELOR BEN night with my wonderful, adorable neice that joins me every Monday night to drool & Oooo & Ahhhh over THE hottest bachelor EVER!  And to think he only lives a couple of hours from here :- )  So I leave you with this verrra nice "wish" for tonight...

(Old ladies aren't supposed to have EVIL thoughts you say?!)


Love & Sweetie Pie Dreams


  1. OMG I love it all ;-)) Blinking great delights that i don't think i could have parted with for love nor money. Especialy not that cat tail pitcher thats gorgeous and so are the blue and green dinner ware and that red and white pyrex dinner set. But that cat tail ooohhh its lovely. Hope you enjoyed your evening. Enjoy the rest of your week lovely. dee xxx

  2. Love your orange finds and I love the Bachelor, also!!!!!!

  3. Omigosh, I had company & didn't even hear the doorbell ring! Hello! Thank you for your nice comments, and Lor - Courtney's GOT TO GO! Can't wait to see what happens next week. Can Ben REALLLY be that oblivious?!

  4. That Red Wing decanter is FAB! Great finds girl!!! Nice to see you back! :)

  5. Hi Vic-This is Mel..I love love love the Howard Pierce birds. I have a set of 2 just like them!

  6. The adorable Mz. Hepkitty! I'm so glad you stopped by. You know I thought of you when I got those birds for sure but I was also pretty sure you had them - and you have TWO sets?! And I was so surprised to find them. It's not often I stumble on such great treasures. Good to see you honey, & hope to really see you sometime soon. Thank you for stopping by. ((HUGS)) to you & the Hepcat.

    1. Oh wait! You said you have a set of 2 - not two sets. I tell ya, I'm getting so old & feeble :- )

  7. Hello Sarah! Can't believe you have ANY energy to buzz around with the massive (wonderful) project you're doing at your mom's. It's absolutely fantastic - you should have HGTV following you around! Thank you for taking time to stop by Sarah. I appreciate it & I'll be looking forward to the next installment of "mom's magnificant, dream condo!

  8. Hi! I REALLY like those little feathered cuties! Do you have them listed! :D Glad you are feeling better and back on the hunt!!

  9. I love our Monday tv nights! Funny old lady pic :)

  10. Me too! And Bachelorette starts soon & then Dancing! WooHoo!