Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Not Just Another Day

It's a holiday.  Another day to not forget

I have a dream tha one day, right there in Alabama, little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.  I have a dream today!
(excerpt from speech 8/23/63, Washington, D.C.)

Martin Luther King, Jr
January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968

It takes a far braver man to wage peace than to make Vickie

Enjoy your day and remember the peaceful words of a peaceful man


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just This N That & Some Fun Finds This Week...

I should be out picking this morning but there doesn't seem to be too much shakin in Sacto right now so thought I'd show a few of my finds from this week.  I went to an estate sale & didn't find much in the house but did find a few "treasures" in the dirty ol garage.  Let's start with what I consider a sterling example of the ICK FACTOR!!!  Whaaaa!  But, but, it was that GREAT retro orange (under the crud) & I knew it was a challenge I was up to - I've become an expert cootie remover.
If you have the guts, click on the pic to see what I was up against....

I asked the guy to plug it in to see if it actually still works.  It was so cruddy the buttons would barely push down but after a few tries, it did work, so I paid him two bucks (one buck too much for the crud that was on it!).  I hated to even take it into my kitchen!  But after an hour with a pair of hazmat gloves, HOT water, a rag with liquid laundry detergent (dish detergent didn't faze it), a long toothpick & a Q-tip.......
Voila!  Margarita anyone?  This baby's got a whole new life & a lot of party's ahead of her!  (They don't call me the queen of clean for no reason I tell ya!)

At the same place I found this cute pair of ceramic book ends.  They need a bit of touch-up but I just love anything poodles.  A touch of gold paint with a fine brush will make them good as new.  No wait!  They're vintage so they're BETTER than new :- )

                                                                                    Just too sweet, eh?!

I adore VINTAGE Josef Originals & this little sweetie just had to come home with me (purchased NOT in a dirty garage BTW)

Isn't she a sweetie.  It's so hard for me to part with my treasures :- (

Found a few other little things but I guess this was the find of the week.  It screamed to me from across the room & I went into a dead run!  These are the funniest "art" things I can remember from the retro period.  I don't recall ever loving them, but now they just have that retro appeal that melts my heart.  You may know (I didn't) they were called Popcorn Art.  Some were done in colored gravel, but these are melted plastic
I hadn't taken a picture of mine yet but found them on ebay for the (cough-cough-ha-ha) price of THREE HUNDRED bucks.  Found two more on other sites, one set at $170.00, one at $185.00.  Who woulda thunk it, eh?  Not sure if they're going on Etsy or to the store yet, but I'm quite certain they won't be anywhere in my realm for THREE HUNDRED bucks.  It will be interesting to see how they go.

So aside from this (and a teen with a hemmhoraging pulled wisdom tooth - that was exciting), this was my picking week.  Guess I ought to get out there & see if I can find anything interesting on this beautiful Sacramento morning.


(Who will be doing a test run on the blender - strawberry or regular margarita?  Salt or not?  Mmmm! ;- )

Monday, January 9, 2012

OhhhMYGawwwd....."The Artist"

More than a month ago me & Auntie and my cousin Karen went to one of the two remaining "old" (which spells once magnificant) movie theatres left in Sacramento to see that Marilyn Monroe movie, which I didn't particularly care for, but on the way in I absolutely fell in LOVE with a movie poster of a coming attraction. Oh my, I wasn't sure about the movie, but the poster was to die for & I was sure I must see the film. Wouldn't you want to?

It was released in some country's in November but did not appear here until last week.  I'd been hearing great things about it being an award winner and a HUGE hit, is a French film, and...a silent movie.  Yes, no dialogue, no sub-titles - an old fashioned silent movie.  Hmm.  How would this be?  I definitely had my doubts.  But I fell in love with that darn poster so off we went, Karen & I today.  I snagged this review off the internet - and dang if I forgot which publication the credit goes to so I'm sorry.  It's a 5-star review which most I've read seem to be.  I've done some editing, but it's a GREAT description so I hope you will take time to read it:

It's the late 1920s in Hollywood and handsome George Valentin is a silent movie idol. During the premiere of his latest film, Valentin meets Peppy Miller, a star-struck extra and aspiring actress. The two are attracted to each other and Peppy is given a small dancing role in his next picture. As their romance progresses, Valentin's producer has to cope with a love-struck star who is distracted on the set, Peppy's career begins to take off, and Valentin fears that a new fad in the movie business--talkies--will ruin him…

This new black and white silent set in 1927 took the 2011 Cannes Film Festival by storm. A traditional Star Is Born-story, The Artist is about an actor who watches his girlfriend's career ascend as his is derailed by the arrival of talking pictures. Although a seemingly risky bet for box office success outside of small arthouse niches, the film's charm and delight of discovery, plus its sterling international performances, could make it a breakout hit in theaters, just as it was in Cannes.

Director Michel Hazanavicius, has masterfully captured the tone and spirit of the great silent era without entering into Mel Brooks style send-ups (a la Silent Movie). He clearly has a love for films of the era and has created something new for 2011 that's every bit as viable as those from ‘back in the day.' The Artist is also a compelling movie-within-a-movie about a silent star caught up in major change. Change, and the way we adapt to it, is indeed a major theme of The Artist, as is the need to look to the future, not the past.

George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is a huge silent movie star, a swashbuckling Douglas Fairbanks-type who always appears with his faithful Jack Russell Terrier, Jack (Uggy, in a scene stealing performance). Though he's married he falls for the sweet Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo), whom he meets at the premiere of one of his films. With paparazzi snapping away she soon lands a role in one of his movies. Not long after, studio boss Al Zimmer (John Goodman) clues Valentin in on the new all talking format the industry plans to adopt. Valentin rejects the thought sound pictures and sets off on an elaborate silent project that ends disastrously. With the converging stock market crash of 1929 and the advent of talkies his career is over just as Peppy's is taking off. She becomes a major star while he hits the ropes, comforted only by his faithful companion Jack. Can he make a comeback? Will true love prevail?

Superbly shot in the original 1:33 aspect ratio of the era by Guillaume Schiffman and gorgeously scored to within an inch of its life by Ludovic Bource, production detail is aces throughout. The performers are certainly up to the task to with Cannes Best Actor winner Dujardin earning his accolades. Jumping into silent mode, Dujardin proves he can do anything from comedy to adventure to dancing with ease. Silent emoting is the essence of great screen acting and he fits the bill perfectly.  Like Roberto Begnini before him, Dujardine richly deserves a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his work here. It's that good. Bejo matches him with charm and style. The Americans in the cast, John Goodman and James Cromwell as his loyal chauffeur and Penelope Anne Miller as his wife —also acquit themselves nicely. Arguably the REAL star here is Uggy, beating the star of Marley & Me by a mile.  The Artist is a film for people who love movies and a movie you are absolutely going to love.

I don't know how to explain this movie but to tell you that by the end when the screen went to credits & before the lights came up all I could say, out loud, was...."I'm in love - with this movie".  Other than that I was left speechless.  The end tap dancing scene made me want to dance down the isle, but the star of the film, Jean Dujardin, had me sliding off the seat I tell ya!  (At the risk of being vulgar here, and I reallly wouldn't want to do that, but well...., it used to be called, "nearly creamed ma jeans" - I shutter to think what it may be called now...).  What a BABE!  And who doesn't love a guy with a side kick....(second scene stealer - Uggie)
Very reminescent of "Asta" this baby nearly steals the show!

Believe me when I tell you I would NOT take this much time to post or ask you to read something that I was not totally over the top about.  HEPCAT, listen up....I know it's the 50's & 60's movies that are your "thing", but grab the Adorable Mz. Kitty and don't walk, RUN to the Tower theatre before January 20th.  I'm not sure where else it will be showing but do not miss it.  It may be a 20's era movie but you've talked about new movies versus old & the nonsense need for special effects & such in the new films.  Well this is a 100% masterpiece of plot driven film.  I think you'll both love it.

I want the whole wide world to see it and LOVE IT.  It's a look at the "old" brought brilliantly into the "now" for us to love, appreciate and enjoy.  DO NOT MISS this film.  Take a sec to watch the trailer & no matter what you THINK, just know that you as lovers of all things vintage will fall in love too.


Best regards,

(Who hasn't SWOONED at the movie theatre in a lonnng time)

Saturday, January 7, 2012


No, I don't mean you! This is just one of THE most beautiful songs ever written or sung - "Cry" by Johnny Ray. This is a quickie today because I'm on the run already but thought you might enjoy this. I sure do. I guess this guy had quite a colorful/controversal career but don't have time to go into it now darnit. Just enjoy!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wow, Whata Month It Was!

Well, I'm all "Ho-Ho'd" out & if I even try to say it I'll go into a miserable coughing spasm so I won't!  I adore Christmas so I tend to always go over the top but this year it toppled ME!  Made it through it all thank God & I'm back on my feet after a couple of miserable weeks of being sick (& a cough still bugging me to death!).  But it was a wonderful holiday, especially having my wonderful family with me on Christmas Eve, and Forrest & Shane & Anna & Rachael here from out of town.  It could only have been better if my beautiful little sister could be here too.  But, she is never really "missing" - she's alway's here in some way.  This year I honored her with her pic on the buffet (which is always there anyway), but also her martini glass filled with ornaments.  Now, if I was a REALLLY good sister, it would have been filled with her favorite gin, but I hate gin so didn't want to buy a bottle of it.  She'll understand :- )
Happy New Year Sister!

Most of my pictures from Christmas Eve stink because I was so darn sick & busy getting the dinner together so you don't have to look at all the family photo's.  Just know that I think it was one of my happiest one's in a long time, because of my wonderful family, and especially the inclusion of my new additions - Anna & Rachael.  I adore them!

So, onward to the new year!  I haven't got to go picking in so long it's nearly killed me!  However.....boy did I hit the jackpot since the new year!  Got some of THE most wonderful items & didn't even need to go anywhere to get them!  They just fell right into my ever welcome lap!  And I couldn't be more excited.  First off, my darling Hepcat & the Adorable Mz. Kitty purchased from me, last year, one of my favorite items - EVER.  A beautiful 1960's bar cabinet from France.  I hated to even sell it but was so happy it went to them.  Then the other day he tells me they found a smaller one almost exactly like it that fits much better into the space in their home & would I like to buy it back?  WOULD I?!?!  Whoopee!  And at a VERY generous price!  So here it is, back in my space at Folsom.  Isn't it GORGEOUS!  And causing such a stir at the store already!

  I play all my Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin CD's in the space with it. It's just SO Rat Packy!

Then, as if another gift landed in my lap, another gal at the store asked me if I'd like to purchase from her (another ridiculously great price!) an item I'd been drooling over since I first saw it.  A gorgeous Hollywood Regency "Gossip Bench".  Ohhhh, how lucky can one girl be I ask!
                                  Oh I could definitely sip a nice citrus martini & gossip on this piece for hours!

Now, could it get even BETTER?!?!?!  Ohhhh yes it could & it DID!   Once again, through my darling Hepcat couple, I was given the opportunity to purchase another MOST adorable Moss lamp.  Such an obsession I'm having with these things, and this one, to me, is the "crown" in my collection.  A Heidi Schupe (I KNOW I'm misspelling her last name & I must find the proper spelling right away) creation - a beautiful girl figurine & her adorable gray poodle.  I grew up with a gray poodle so this is very close to my heart.  So I'm sending a HUUUGE "Thank You" to the Hepcat's as well as their friend, the very incredible Frank, for the opportunity to own this item.  Finally getting to meet Frank was a joyous pleasure & we must have yakked for an hour.  He's quite a guy & a veritable book of knowledge about all things RETRO!  THANK YOU Hepcat, Melody and Frank.  Ok, get your drool cloth's ready.....

Sure wish these pics were larger!

But here's a close up - Isn't she just sumthin else!  And the base of the lamp lights up too!

So, THANK YOU to ALL the Santa's that helped make this THE most wonderful Christmas!  Oh yes....I Believe!


And may this New Year bring us ALL the very best of everything.

P.S.  If you'd like to see an incredible peek of Frank Sinatra's old home in Palm Springs, hussle on over to Hepcat's and check it out!  Wowza!  To have been a ROYAL guest in this place would have been the cat's pajamas!  Don't miss it!