Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aardvark! A Rummage Sale and TREASURES!

This is ME today after 4 - count em - FOUR failed Etsy sales.  THREE of which were international which means I had to go cross town to my shipping supply store, buy special boxes (for double boxing), run home, pack them for shipping to take to the post office to stand in line to get postage fees to run home, notify the buyers of their fees, to have them CANCEL for various (NUMB-NUT) reasons.  I guess I should have figured that the "buyer" from Australia calling herself MZ. EMBALMO (Ribbons Rigormortis) just MIGHT have been a HOAX.  But oh no - trust everyone in the world, after all some people are very proud of their professions, right?  Etsy has been GREAT - I can't complain tooo much, but really folks, wouldn't you look like this after such a week?!  Actually Ardie looks much better than me at this particular moment in time.  It's before noon here :- )

Onto bigger & better things - like the church rummage sale last Saturday.  I ADORE church rummage sales & hadn't been to one in ages so I was looking forward to this even though by happencestance it was the church I'd been married in once upon a nightmare on another planet but we won't go there right now.  Shoulda been an omen I guess.  And the gall of me to ask Big Daddy to accompany me - but I did and didn't tell him that news until we got through the door (and after a missed-step by him), everything was okay when greeted by this...
Sister's Candy & Lollypop shed their "usual habits" and become CAKE LADIES!
Oh yes, this too should have been an omen.  Get the sweet stuff before you go through the next doors to the rummage sale from HELL!

Okay, it wasn't REALLY hellish, Big Daddy hit the tables like a man possessed! 
(Not bad for an old guy, eh?!  He was particularly ravishing at the recent Scottish Games in his plaid kilt which I told him looked positively WRONG with tennis shoes & golf sox, but would he listen?  Neuuuu.  He thought all the gawking girls were praying for strong winds.  HAH!) 

Anyway, here he is leaving with a *grin* and a brand new pair of Etonic golf shoes & some other such nonsense

And, (I'm going to hell for this)...I stole these from Sister's Candy & Lollypop (JUST KIDDING of course) - not bad, but not the LOAD I was hoping for

Then for being a good soldier I offered to take him to my favorite breakfast place for THE best French Toast in town - maybe the WORLD - the Tower Cafe which is located next to the old and one of the two gorgeous deco theatres left in Sacramento, the Tower Theatre

Inside the also lovely Tower Cafe

Breakfast was GREAT but my mind wanders sometimes
Hmm, margaritaville.  Strawberries are healthy food, right?! ;- )

Okay, I'm stuck in "center" mode so this is how it's going to be till I get unstuck

The week wasn't a complete loss, truly!  I had a FANNNtastic trip to my friend Frank's house who allowed me to pick through and purchase some of his INNNcredible treasure trove of GREATNESS.  And here is just a "sneak peek" at the greatness I was lucky enough to bring home.
Getting ready for the spit & polish!
And this

And this

1930's LALIQUE!
And more!  But there's a preview of my next blog!

And about that Aardvark who I so cruelly (to him) compared to how I look this morning, It's actually a set of two I found on my way out of one of my favorite thrifting haunts.  Odd little critters by Robert Maxwell.  Never heard of him or seen these but they oddly caught my eye & called to me.  A most odd choice for me, but they just sucked my heart right outta my chest so they came home with me.  A bit of internet research told me Mr. Maxwell is quite a well known artist & his "critter-beasties" as they are known, are also very well known and collectible & I was VERY lucky to find a numbered PAIR!  Lucky me!  Here they are, Ardie & his little pal Vark.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just A Thought For The Day...

* I woke up,
I lifted my arms,
I moved my knees,
I turned my neck....

Everything made the same noise:

....I came to a conclusion:

I am not old,

I am crispy!!!

Got this in an e-mail & couldn't resist.  Have a great weekend & be crispy instead of old! ;- )

Monday, February 6, 2012

An Orangeday Afternoon

I know I've been a lousy blogger since Christmas but it's been a slow "bounce-back" from the holidays & being sick, etc.  Also, I expanded my space at Folsom & I tell you, that was nearly like a whole house move!  Also consolidated two storage spaces into one (another epic project), and taking care of my Etsy store is, I think, nearly as much work as my space in Folsom.  Whew, who knew!  Anyway, it's been a long road back to "normal" ("Normal" - In my lifetime?  Who am I kidding!).  But of course I've been picking since then - that's what keeps the old ball rolling, right?  Last Saturday was a particularly good day as I managed to find TWO great estate sales NOT run by those scabby robber liquidation outfits.  These were family run and those are my favorite kind.  Not just because the prices are right but also because there is a more personal feeling and interaction, and I like that.  I hit the jackpot!  And it was particularly orange! 

First is a beautiful Red Wing decanter.  I've found a couple of other of this style by Bauer but haven't found one with a lid so I felt very lucky

Then this pretty Oxford Stoneware pitcher - I love this 40's style

(Sorry it's a dark picture - I had to re-take it because Blogger doesn't allow pics that are taken vertically which I had done earlier & now it's late & don't have natural light but either way it sure is pretty isn't it!)

Next is an adorable Cat Tail pitcher from old Sears & Roebuck. 

Then a pretty little orange tea pot.  I don't know the maker but it was orange so it came home with me :- )

And some things were orange and green, like these waaay cool Pyrex dinnerware sets I couldn't live without

And well, some things were blue and green, like this very groovy Mikasa set that called to me :- )
                                                           (I definately have a problem saying NO to dinnerware)

And some things were just brown, like this ADORABLE trio of Howard Pierce birds.
Hiccup...OKAY, these are obviously NOT Howard Pierce birds but I screwed up and I'm terrified of trying to edit and losing everything so let's just ignore this, k ;- )

AhhhhhhHem....Introducing my new Howard Pierce birds

                                              So sweet!  I'm going to have a hard time parting with these little guys!

Oh!  And green again.  I absolutely adore this tiny little wishing well lamp which says on one side, "Oh wishing well" and on the other side says, "Grant a wish to me".  I love it.  I may keep it and tell it my wishes each day & see what happens.  I'll be re-wiring it because the cord is pretty crispy.

Well, I guess that's enough "catch-up" for tonight.  I'll try to do better & not let this go so long.  It's not all that exciting but sharing treasures is fun.  Gotta get ready for BACHELOR BEN night with my wonderful, adorable neice that joins me every Monday night to drool & Oooo & Ahhhh over THE hottest bachelor EVER!  And to think he only lives a couple of hours from here :- )  So I leave you with this verrra nice "wish" for tonight...

(Old ladies aren't supposed to have EVIL thoughts you say?!)


Love & Sweetie Pie Dreams