Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wow, Whata Month It Was!

Well, I'm all "Ho-Ho'd" out & if I even try to say it I'll go into a miserable coughing spasm so I won't!  I adore Christmas so I tend to always go over the top but this year it toppled ME!  Made it through it all thank God & I'm back on my feet after a couple of miserable weeks of being sick (& a cough still bugging me to death!).  But it was a wonderful holiday, especially having my wonderful family with me on Christmas Eve, and Forrest & Shane & Anna & Rachael here from out of town.  It could only have been better if my beautiful little sister could be here too.  But, she is never really "missing" - she's alway's here in some way.  This year I honored her with her pic on the buffet (which is always there anyway), but also her martini glass filled with ornaments.  Now, if I was a REALLLY good sister, it would have been filled with her favorite gin, but I hate gin so didn't want to buy a bottle of it.  She'll understand :- )
Happy New Year Sister!

Most of my pictures from Christmas Eve stink because I was so darn sick & busy getting the dinner together so you don't have to look at all the family photo's.  Just know that I think it was one of my happiest one's in a long time, because of my wonderful family, and especially the inclusion of my new additions - Anna & Rachael.  I adore them!

So, onward to the new year!  I haven't got to go picking in so long it's nearly killed me!  However.....boy did I hit the jackpot since the new year!  Got some of THE most wonderful items & didn't even need to go anywhere to get them!  They just fell right into my ever welcome lap!  And I couldn't be more excited.  First off, my darling Hepcat & the Adorable Mz. Kitty purchased from me, last year, one of my favorite items - EVER.  A beautiful 1960's bar cabinet from France.  I hated to even sell it but was so happy it went to them.  Then the other day he tells me they found a smaller one almost exactly like it that fits much better into the space in their home & would I like to buy it back?  WOULD I?!?!  Whoopee!  And at a VERY generous price!  So here it is, back in my space at Folsom.  Isn't it GORGEOUS!  And causing such a stir at the store already!

  I play all my Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin CD's in the space with it. It's just SO Rat Packy!

Then, as if another gift landed in my lap, another gal at the store asked me if I'd like to purchase from her (another ridiculously great price!) an item I'd been drooling over since I first saw it.  A gorgeous Hollywood Regency "Gossip Bench".  Ohhhh, how lucky can one girl be I ask!
                                  Oh I could definitely sip a nice citrus martini & gossip on this piece for hours!

Now, could it get even BETTER?!?!?!  Ohhhh yes it could & it DID!   Once again, through my darling Hepcat couple, I was given the opportunity to purchase another MOST adorable Moss lamp.  Such an obsession I'm having with these things, and this one, to me, is the "crown" in my collection.  A Heidi Schupe (I KNOW I'm misspelling her last name & I must find the proper spelling right away) creation - a beautiful girl figurine & her adorable gray poodle.  I grew up with a gray poodle so this is very close to my heart.  So I'm sending a HUUUGE "Thank You" to the Hepcat's as well as their friend, the very incredible Frank, for the opportunity to own this item.  Finally getting to meet Frank was a joyous pleasure & we must have yakked for an hour.  He's quite a guy & a veritable book of knowledge about all things RETRO!  THANK YOU Hepcat, Melody and Frank.  Ok, get your drool cloth's ready.....

Sure wish these pics were larger!

But here's a close up - Isn't she just sumthin else!  And the base of the lamp lights up too!

So, THANK YOU to ALL the Santa's that helped make this THE most wonderful Christmas!  Oh yes....I Believe!


And may this New Year bring us ALL the very best of everything.

P.S.  If you'd like to see an incredible peek of Frank Sinatra's old home in Palm Springs, hussle on over to Hepcat's and check it out!  Wowza!  To have been a ROYAL guest in this place would have been the cat's pajamas!  Don't miss it!


  1. Hm. I guess you all know if you click on the pic you can see a bigger one, right? :- )

  2. Oh Wow Vickie what an amazing amount of gorgeous finds no wonder you were so excited ;-)) That bar is lovely and that lamp is just a stunner lucky you ;-)) I didn't realise you had your own shop do you sell all vintage? So sorry to read you have been poorly but so glad you had a great christmas what a lovely photo and memory of your sister our loved ones continue to live in our hearts. I hope this year is a wonderful one for you. hugs, dee xx

  3. Hi Dee! I had a great time doing this post since I had such great new treasures to share! I don't have my own shop, however for the past 3 years I've had a couple of spaces in a lovely upscale antique store in the historic district in Folsom, California. The link to my website is at the end of my "Hello" section on this page if you'd like to see a bit more. I LOVE having the spaces & would not be interested in the headaches of actually owning a store. I love being in the co-op setting with other wonderful women. And yes, everything is vintage - of course! There is a bit of change of info from website and that is I don't have a business partner anymore - I'm on my own & I'm enjoying that freedom of flying "solo" very much. Anyway, as always, thank you for stopping by - your presence is always a pleasure :- )

  4. Very glad to see you are feeling better! LOL You always find interesting things!
    Christmas for you all year round I guess!! :D

  5. Hey Vic!

    Awesome post and I am so glad you are happy with all the treasures. The spelling is Hedi Schoop. I will blog about her tomorrow for you. Enjoy the lamp. It is wonderful and your space looks amazing!!!

    I am also glad you hit it off with Frank and his wife Joyce!


  6. I want to move into your booth! And that poodle lamp, I could never have it by my bed because I'd lay awake and stare at it (and worry at what kind of mind came up with it and if they were still haunting it). Love it.

  7. Skye - Yes, I guess it is kinda like Xmas year around in this business. Most stuff comes wrapped in dust & dirt & stains and not pretty paper but boy-oh-boy once the dust is blown off, it's usually a beautiful treasure.

    Hepcat - THANK YOU for that correct spelling! I was too lazy at the time to go surfing for it. Frank did mention her name is actually Hedi but most people pronounce it Heidi. I tell you, it's all I can do to keep it in the store. But like Dearest Helen said, I'd probably be staring at it all the time too if it were here I'm so in love with it. BTW - Frank's wife wasn't able to come to the store so I look forward to meeting her in the future.

    Dearest Helen - thanks for stopping by! And you may move into my spaces anytime you'd like. But then I'd have to too since I'd not want to miss one minute of "advise" you'd give to customers. (OHGOD, maybe this wouldn't be a good idea after all! Hahaha!). The history of the moss lamps is actually quite interesting and colorful! Some of the designs were REALLY "out there" - like the acquarium one! Would so love to see that one! Maybe I'll do a little post about them someday.

    Thanks y'all!