Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Not Just Another Day

It's a holiday.  Another day to not forget

I have a dream tha one day, right there in Alabama, little black boys and little black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.  I have a dream today!
(excerpt from speech 8/23/63, Washington, D.C.)

Martin Luther King, Jr
January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968

It takes a far braver man to wage peace than to make Vickie

Enjoy your day and remember the peaceful words of a peaceful man



  1. So true, so true. I agree completely.

    ps -Thanks for the link love! I added you under our 'Vintage Love' section! You are really tempting me with the Moss lamps in your etsy. :) I'd buy that Schoop one in a second if it still had the original shade. You never know though, I may break down one of these days....... ;)

  2. Strong words and makes one stop and think. I agree whole heartly with this i hate the fact that the world was ever like it in the first place makes me feel sick. Equal rights for everyone. Have a nice day sweetie. dee xx

  3. Sara - I'm trying to find out from Hepcat what the original shade looked like on that lamp. I love the one that's on it tho. I'm having such a love affair with Moss lamps (& want to keep them ALL!). So unique & such history behind them. If you ever do change your mind, I'll give my blogger friend a bit of a "deal" ;- ) Thanks for stopping by!

    Dee - The 60's & civil right struggle was a heartbreaking time. It hurts me to even watch the documentaries about it because it brings back such hurtful feelings - what a shameful time in American history. I must tell you, I had the great honor to attend a speech Dr. King did here at the State College in Sacramento. His charmisma was like none I'd ever experienced. I loved the man and I'm glad we honor him in this way with the holiday (which also hurts in a way because so many younger people don't really know & understand the reason anymore even though they learn it in school. It's just another day off :- (

    1. Moss Lamps are SO awesome!!! I'm not totally sure, but I think it is supposed to have one of those compressed fiber shades - the ones where they start fuzzing out over time and you have to glue the fibers back down. I will keep your lamp in mind, thanks for the offer! If I ever make it up your way I will definitely have to stop by your store too!

  4. Well, the 60's was a rough time for sure! Having attended a Catholic
    high school in the heart of L A was certainly an eye opener for me!
    I learned a lot from those days....about MLK and the damage that
    War can do to devide a country! Uh in some ways kinda like today
    with the political discor going on all around! *sigh* :>/

  5. Hi Skye - Oh I bet you saw some discord down there! That was nearly as scary as the deep south. I was always in fairly peaceful SacTown but was always aware of the pain & injustice going on. It's a whole different discord going on now - painful to be sure, and scary. And what I think hurts the most is that the young people - black and white (gangs, etc) are NOT knowing & respecting what Dr. King died for. Very sad commentary. Thanks for always stopping by my friend.

  6. Hi Vickie your questions answered....tip shop is the dump recycling yard I only just saying tip shop coz thats what I have seen OS people calling it.Op shop ....opportunity shop also known as an oppy.You know as charity shops I