Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just This N That & Some Fun Finds This Week...

I should be out picking this morning but there doesn't seem to be too much shakin in Sacto right now so thought I'd show a few of my finds from this week.  I went to an estate sale & didn't find much in the house but did find a few "treasures" in the dirty ol garage.  Let's start with what I consider a sterling example of the ICK FACTOR!!!  Whaaaa!  But, but, it was that GREAT retro orange (under the crud) & I knew it was a challenge I was up to - I've become an expert cootie remover.
If you have the guts, click on the pic to see what I was up against....

I asked the guy to plug it in to see if it actually still works.  It was so cruddy the buttons would barely push down but after a few tries, it did work, so I paid him two bucks (one buck too much for the crud that was on it!).  I hated to even take it into my kitchen!  But after an hour with a pair of hazmat gloves, HOT water, a rag with liquid laundry detergent (dish detergent didn't faze it), a long toothpick & a Q-tip.......
Voila!  Margarita anyone?  This baby's got a whole new life & a lot of party's ahead of her!  (They don't call me the queen of clean for no reason I tell ya!)

At the same place I found this cute pair of ceramic book ends.  They need a bit of touch-up but I just love anything poodles.  A touch of gold paint with a fine brush will make them good as new.  No wait!  They're vintage so they're BETTER than new :- )

                                                                                    Just too sweet, eh?!

I adore VINTAGE Josef Originals & this little sweetie just had to come home with me (purchased NOT in a dirty garage BTW)

Isn't she a sweetie.  It's so hard for me to part with my treasures :- (

Found a few other little things but I guess this was the find of the week.  It screamed to me from across the room & I went into a dead run!  These are the funniest "art" things I can remember from the retro period.  I don't recall ever loving them, but now they just have that retro appeal that melts my heart.  You may know (I didn't) they were called Popcorn Art.  Some were done in colored gravel, but these are melted plastic
I hadn't taken a picture of mine yet but found them on ebay for the (cough-cough-ha-ha) price of THREE HUNDRED bucks.  Found two more on other sites, one set at $170.00, one at $185.00.  Who woulda thunk it, eh?  Not sure if they're going on Etsy or to the store yet, but I'm quite certain they won't be anywhere in my realm for THREE HUNDRED bucks.  It will be interesting to see how they go.

So aside from this (and a teen with a hemmhoraging pulled wisdom tooth - that was exciting), this was my picking week.  Guess I ought to get out there & see if I can find anything interesting on this beautiful Sacramento morning.


(Who will be doing a test run on the blender - strawberry or regular margarita?  Salt or not?  Mmmm! ;- )


  1. I have to say, you did an AH-MA-ZING job cleaning that blender! I know what you mean about toothpicks and everything, I had to clean up an old pink Sunbeam Blender the exact same way. I think it had about the same amount of crud on it too! :)

    I ADORE those pink poodle bookends and would probably beg you to let me buy them had I not just gotten a set of black ones!

    OMG! Love the wall plaques too! I did not know they were called popcorn art either. I cannot believe the prices people are asking for these things now. Crazy!!! The Mr and I were just down in Tucson and I saw a set for $60, I guess that was a steal huh!?!

    Thanks again for the comment and for visiting my blog! Love your blog and I will be back!

  2. I'll take one of those margaritas - regular, please, with salt.
    Great finds, Vickie!

  3. I agree with Heidi Ann, with salt please. Great job cleaning that blender. I wish we knew you when we were selling the same exact set of popcorn art. Somehow we ended up with 2 sets and sold one of the sets for I believe $40. We still have a set in the master. We also have another set of popcorn art but the plastic is blue. I didn't know it was called popcorn art either.

  4. Heidi Ann - Any time! But wait, I could throw it in the car & meet you at Tina Dawn's! We could give her a REAL cheer-up visit! ;- )

  5. Sara & Hepcat - You're bursting my bubble here man! But truly I can't believe some of the prices that show up on ebay & other sites. Are people REALLY getting those prices?! The one I saw for 300 bucks had upp'd their price from the previous week from 170.00 to the current 300. I may be selling in the wrong venues! But seriously, I do think those are some ridiculous prices but it's a rush to see that you MIGHT have found something so great that anyone would pay the price. *Deflate* Oh, & Hepcat, some yo-yo on ebay has the gorgeous "Lena" floor lamp listed for THREE THOUSAND dollars! Haha! I'm keeping a watch on that one I tell ya.

    Sara - thank you so much for stopping by but now I'm jealous you got a pink blender. *G* Love your blog & will be seeing you often - here, there & at Hepcat's too!

  6. Hey spongy! Thanks for your comment on my blog today! I'd sure love having a roommate with your excellant taste! lol! For some reason my blog is not letting me respond to posts! Anywho, thanks, and ya did good on your finds!

  7. Hey Z-mama! I think Blogger has been buggered up today. I had a heck of a time earlier. Thanks for stopping by!


  8. Wow that blender came up a treat ;-)) You will enjoy that. I think i would have a run a mile from the dirt on it. I love that lamp that is in the picture with the wall art which i have to say they are cute ;-) Have a good week and happy buying ;-)) dee xx

  9. Great finds Vicki seems I have missed a few of your posts so better go catch up xx

  10. Oh! Please don't even try Nelly! It's no wonder you've missed a few! Your recent "journey" has left ME exhausted & I can't believe you're even still on your feet modeling all those adorable frock for us. Thank you so much for stopping by!


  11. Well well well, more great stuff! Love the lil pooches! How much were they? If you don't mind telling! Too bad there probably aren't any with Chis like those!! HAHAHA! :D