Thursday, March 1, 2012

Congratulations To Brian In Colorado! And God's BLESSING to Donna In Texas

Okay, this isn't really Brian.  I have no idea what Brian looks like,  but we're congratulating him today for being the LAST person on planet Earth to received a LARGE, odd sized item from A Twinkle In Time on Etsy (AKA the little kitchen in my sweet, humble abode)

Do you remember my delight at finding the mid century, popcorn wall art?  Ok, I'll refresh your memory

                                                          I no longer think they are cute, fun, unique or interesting

And here's why..........

Picture Forrest's sweet little grama (that would be me) with a box nearly the size of the kitchen floor space she was packing these monstrocities in, with a roll of bubble paper nearly the size of a monster truck tire and a sack of packing peanuts nearly as tall as herself.  The wheel of bubble paper scared the tar out of the weiner dog & had him barking every time I STRUGGLED to reach around the giant egg of a wall plaque to wrap it securely.  Me again with a sauce pan bailing peanuts into the box & having them fly all over the floor as they pass from the bag to the box.  The box being a bit too big & having to SAW it down with a butcher knife because I didn't have a box cutter.  A chain saw would have been better.   But I did manage to get it all packed up & sealed with 45 yards of packing tape, sweating by this time (and swearing) only to see out the corner of my eye the dear little weiner dog ingesting a PACKING PEANUT.  That will of course mean a bazillion dollar vet bill if he swallows it.  In panic I yell, "Duke!" (that's the little bugger's name) & of course he takes off at a dead heat for under the bed.  I MUST be calm or he will not come.  He will eat the peanut under the bed.  And Brian will NOT pay the vet bill.  So while I'm screaming my brains out inside my head, I am cheerily calling the little menace to "come now Duke-ee - cookie time!"  Of course when cookie time is mentioned the pit-mix (Lucy) goes into dead run like the devil's on her tail into the kitchen.  Pandemonium has happened & Duke wants a piece of the action & saunters out, very sneaky like & I grab him like a flash of lightening, Lucy think's I'm attacking her best pal & is barking as I'm attempting to pry open his jaws (you thought a pit bull had strong jaws??? - HAH!) and dig the hunk of styrofoam out from his gooey throat.
                              This is of course not Duke, or me, but I wanted to be as graphic & dramatic as possible

Ok, I'm fine (sweating, shaking and wishing it was 5 o'clock instead of 4 o'clock & on my way to the post office so I can bust out the hard liquor).  I make it to the P.O. without incident in the rush hour traffice (dog saliva still on my shirt cuff), drag the DAMN box that now weights 100 lbs with packing materials, fill out the "Delivery Confirmation" and "Insurance" forms, get in line with the ALBATROSS that takes up at least as much space in line as 2 people, wait patiently for my turn only to find out I  MISfigured the shipping cost - HEWWWW knew the post office has a MONSTER SURCHARGE on "oversized" packages?!?!?!   Who knew they keep smelling salts at the post office?  And that the nice man at the counter also knows CPR?  I survived, but I would ask you ALL to give Brian a BIG pat on the back for his status of being the LAST person on the planet to recieve a large, odd shaped, heavy item from A Twinkle In Time at Etsy, bless his soul.

And, as we congratulate & bless lucky Brian's soul, let's DO send blessing's to Donna in Texas for...

Her order today of one teensy-tiny juice glass that only took a couple of sheets of leftover bubble paper & a tiny box.      Blessings on you - if you only knew!
I would like to close this with a word that I LOVE and ADORE my wonderful Etsy buyers.  In spite of this and the last post, they have been very, very good to me and I appreciate them, truly.  I'm thinking of today as well, a lesson learned, or perhaps...BAPTISM BY FIRE in the land of internet selling and postal fees.  Pardon me if I have NO IDEA why the U.S. Postal Service is going belly-up! 

Oh!  One more I was going to my shipping supply store today to purchase the EIGHT dollar box for Brian, I caught an estate sale sign, did a sharp left, followed it and made a FANNNTASTIC find!
WOWZA & WHOOPEEEE!  How bout that!  And THANKYOU Hepcat for (unknowingly) letting me snag this pic from your blog and for your expert advise from my SOS call this morning! 

Oh my gosh, it's now 6 o'clock!  One hour late for Happy Hour!  *pop goes the brandy cork!*




  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Oh bless your heart i can just picture the commotion and the mess and the panic in your house at the time ;-) And i know i shouldn't be laughing at someone else expensive but God when it rains it pours so to speak, glad to hear it all ended well though ;-)) My god there was a god looking down on you that table is gorgeous ;-)) Have a fab weekend, dee xx

  2. I Love how you write having a right old chuckle now. xx

  3. Hello my darling friends from the other side of the world!

    SO good to *see* you Nellie - I must admit to a bit of worry about you. I missed a couple of movie star Monday's but I shall be back & not miss another!

    Dee, it is ALWAYS great to *see* your adorable, sunshine smile. And, I find it always best to TRY to laugh at my crazy, self-created-pandemonium-filled life! If not, I would surely be crying more times than not. But as I was coming back from the P.O. I could not help but visualize that whole episode and laugh at myself. Who wouldn't?! Whew, what a day it was!

    I would like to add a "post-script" that as mentioned, I did "borrow" the pic of the coffee table from Hepcat's blog & I hope (reallly hope) he doesn't mind. It's exactly the same "Grand Server" as one he showed recently & I forgot to snap a pic of my own. So THANKYOU again Hepcat, and everyone, DO stop by his outstanding blog - don't miss it! He is one amazing guy that Hepcat!

  4. Ha ha ha ha. Very enjoyable but I definitely feel for you. I hope Brian enjoys his popcorn picture after all that! Yes indeedy you can come visit and hear the robins. I am healing fine but physical therapy gets harder by the day (by their design). Only three left thank goodness. Tina

  5. LOL Vickie strikes again!! :D Seriously! You have such a 'FULL' life! HAHAHA! ;D

  6. You're welcome Vic. It was great seeing you both today! Thanks for the opportunity with the desk and we're so glad you found a chandelier at the garage sale! It's sooooo awesome.

  7. Loving your blog and the stuff you sell! And I just picked up 2 pieces very similar, but different subject matter, of your popcorn art...and I think much smaller. Mine is two pieces Caribbean Man and Women playing bongos and mandolin. It is funny...we are trying to buy a mid century home in Florida (about all of them are from that time ;o) and want to decorate accordingly mostly and found we keep on coming up on blogs, websites, stores out of NorCali which is really funny as my husband was born and lived his life up until 2008 between Berkeley and Folsom. And I live in SF for 18 years and Sac for 4 years! And on of my goals is to have a store or "spaces" in SF and or Sac one day! Do you go to (sell or buy) at the month Antique show in Sac. I went to the July one and brought stuff back with me (fortunately SouthWest allows 2 pieces I bought old things and my husband bought wine). I do have my first (only 4 months now) booth in a local Antique store...mid century is not in around here...but that makes it cheaper for us when it does come up!