Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekend Find!

Geez, the weekend's not even over but look what I found already!  See if you can guess what it is....(I'm SO in love with it!)

A Bar Cart?

A Beautiful Living Room End Table?

                                                             It's a GORGEOUS 1960's Magnavox Stereo Console!

I saw it and noted what a beautiful piece of furniture it was.  The cover, which is like a roll top desk was closed so I didn't really know what it was, so I pulled the roll top back and OMIGOSH, I threw my body over it so no one else could get it while I whistled & flailed my arms for a person to plug it in and tell me (PLEASE GOD!) that it worked.  I have a passion for these great old console stereo's.  Such a romantic time it was loading them up with LP's or 45's and listening to your favorite love songs or the great old rock & roll.  Oh, I know, you can still do that with CD's, but this is just different for those of us who marveled that more than one record could be set to play without having to change each one.  And Magnavox was simply special.  The sound on this baby is INNNNcredible!  The bass could blast you out of the house.  It is immaculate clean, absolutely no scratches and everything works!  Usually the turntables on these old consoles go ka-put first & you're left with just the radio.  This one works & only needs a needle which is a very easy fix.  It even still has the pole to load 45's.

What really blows me away about this one (besides everything!) is the size.  I've NEVER seen one like this - it is small and there is no "back side" - it is the same all the way around & the cord comes from underneath and is able to connect additional speakers if desired.  It is only 23" tall, 30" long, and 19" deep.  It could be put between two easy chairs with a small lamp on it, or a couple of "refreshing beverages".  Or used as an end table.  In my opinion it is simply exquisite.  I am so excited about this find - can you tell?  ;- ) 

Also today, after taking the stereo OF MY DREAMS to the store, we went to Home Depot to choose a color for the "new" dining room.  I made the decision to go with coral instead of the red.  We decided on this

My camera doesn't really pick up the true tone & in the darker light of the dining room it looks REALLY orange so we're going to go back & maybe try for a shade lighter.  I am HORRIBLE at choosing colors & have NO faith in myself in this regard so PLEASE wish me luck!  But coral it's going to be with new turquoise upholstered seats for the chairs.  Curtains will be a turquoise also with maybe an atomic or tropical motif & accessories as I find them.  I'm admittedly nervous about this cause once I start one room, it's going to be on to the next.  I could end up with a real CIRCUS here!  HEPCAT...I think I need you!!!!

So that was my exciting Saturday & I couldn't wait to share it with you.  I'll be working at the store all day tomorrow, listening to sweet oldie music on that gorgeous Magnavox radio - till I get the new needle and can lug all my old LP's out & listen to them!

Hope your weekend is as happy & as sweet pickin as mine!



  1. Wowie Zowie!!! Find of the decade!! Can't wait to see the new walls! xx

    1. Hi Miss Claire - thank you so much for stopping by! I can't wait to get the new needle for it so I can take my old (beloved) LP's to the store & play them.

      I enjoyed your blog very much! Another Aussie girl! They sure do grow em pretty over there!

      I look forward to visiting your blog often & hope to see you here again. The welcome mat's always out :- )

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jen. As you can see, I'm crazy excited about this find!

  3. Hi Lovely, do you know what as soon as i saw your gorgeous piece of furniture i know straight away it was a radiograme how exciting to find one as beautiful and such great condition and the fact it works is even better i would have been hypoventilating ;-)Love the sound of your turquoise and coral colours they would look fabulous together and very 50's retro ;-))Thank you so much for your lovely comment over at mine you are such a lovely person you always make me smile wish you lived closer because i know we would be good friends. Its been mad here the past week and this week is going to be madder. With work on the aprons for the teashop i have also been offered a stand at the vintage fair in June im so excited so its going to manic for a couple of months getting stock together. Right i better go have a great week and thank you for all your support. hugs. dee x

    1. I so wish we weren't a world away from each other too Mz. Dee. I would LOVE thrifting with you and watching all the wonderful things coming your way with your new venture! I know you'll be crazy-busy but you know we MUST see it all so keep that camera handy! ((HUGS)) from Sacto CA!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! I am SOOOOO excited for you!!! This room renovation is going to be just amazing! I'm sorry I missed your other post a few days ago, this past weekend was a bit crazy, but I am so glad you decided to tackle the room re-do. You are never too old to change things up girl!!! That coral color is just gorgeous and I think the coral and turquoise color combo will look just smashing in your dining room. Please, please, please do not be afraid of color. It will look SOOOOOO amazing once you get some color on the walls, it really does make a huge difference and I just know you will love it. Can't wait to see everything come together!

  5. Oh great!!!! LOVE those colors Vickie! I can't wait to see the finish! :D O¿O