Sunday, October 2, 2011

Show & Tell!

Okay, Hepcat says in order to be a successful blogger I must post frequently.  He didn't mention it HAS to be SHOWTIME every day, so I drag my exhausted fat a..... well, you know what I mean :- ) to the computer because I am going to trust him & give it a shot.  And that means that tonight as I share my weekend picks I did NO pretty "staging", just threw the stuff out and here it is.  Even though I spent most of the week and weekend chained to a sander and up to my elbows in paint, I used the excuse on Saturday morning of letting a few pieces dry so I could GET OUT and see what was up in the hood.

First find was this great MOD ensemble!  Obviously I'll be doing some laundering & scrubbing & blocking of the sweater but like I said, this is raw, out of the trunk and I can't wait to doll it up.  All we need is some white go-go boots and we're ready to pony down!  And I love the accessories I found to go with it.

And more Mod!  And no, I'm not so exhausted as to not know the picture is upside down, but this is the best way I could show you an adorable light fixture - again, not scrubbed - and I got TWO of them (for five bucks but don't tell anyone,
k?  ;- )  Won't these be SO adorable in someone's retro kitchen or bathroom or wherever!  I love them!

I've got a real thing for gloves - I guess because I come from a time when they were a very necessary part of a girl's wardrobe so I pick them up whenever I find them - again, some scrubbing is in order.  BTW - while I was not concerned with lovely staging tonight, nor was I concerned with lighting.  Just toss em on the table & snap that pic!  Forgive me :- )

I think this beautiful Maddux of California bird planter might be my favorite pick of the weekend ~ it's so hard to play favorites isn't it! ( I'm going to have a VERY hard time taking this to the store)

I'm really loving the 1950's TV lights.  There are so many adorable ones.  This wouldn't be my first choice but it is in gorgeous condition and maybe someone will love it

And this is a cute little find.  I'm not exactly sure what one will do with it since the TV can't work, but I might paint it a cool retro color and maybe someone will enjoy having it for the radio & clock.

So it was a pretty successful picking day even though I was on the time clock don'tcha think?!

And, here is one of the projects that had me smothered in sanding dust and inhaling paint fumes (which might not be a BAD thing eh?!  Just kidding of course *snurk* :- )  I'm pretty sure this was one of my freebies (God, I HOPE I didn't pay anything for it!!).  As you can see, it was ready for the landfill.  I refer to all my "rescue" projects as "old girls getting a new lease", however, I do believe this old beauty is a CONVICT!!  No kidding!  When I turned it upside down there is a number and a hand written name of Milton Kane on it!  And since I live in close proximity to FOLSOM PRISON, welllll.......  Hey who knows but I hope Milton would appreciate the second time around on his project

Before - a great old phonograph stand/record cabinet.  I LOVE the style & could NOT trash it

And here's the convict with a new suit of clothes all ready to fill his new life with tons of beautiful old vinyl.  (Forgive the store setting - I forgot to take a pic before I left home).  This is a color combination I saw on a couple of restorations Hepcat had done & I asked him if he minded if I replicated it on a couple of my own projects and he very graciously said "No problem" - thank you Hepcat.  So, heeeeer's the brand new Milton all dressed up in a new set of duds!  Ta-Da!

So that's it for now.  I must go rest my weary carcass.  I hope to be able to share my wonderful finds from my 600 mile north coast pick-a-rama SOON! 

Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are


  1. Vic!!!

    The record cabinet looks FANTASTIC!!! The color combination turned out soooooooo nice!!! Everybody chime in and let Vic know what an awesome job she did!!!!

    Also, I love all the stuff from your "pick"..especially the Maddox TV lamp.

  2. Hey, thanks Hepcat. Boy, I was RAGGED last night when I did this one. Spent most of the day at the store re-organizing & rearranging. You know, when you bring even ONE thing in, it's a whole day of making things look right together. And of course, I get all bogged down with chatting with customers. This may shock you but I luuuv to yak! *G* But it is a labor I love. I think those LOVELY "Lena's" are going to pop any day! So much attention they're getting. The record cabinet did turn out nice didn't it! *preening here* ~ you KNOW how much I love your color combination & the swivel TV stand is looking pretty great too. It will be done this week. And thanks for getting the pom-pom's out for me ;-) When I said I love to yak, I didn't actually mean with myself! hahaha! Thanks kiddo)

  3. Hi Vickie, O my goodness thank you so much for visiting my blog today and leaving such a beautiful comment. I am so glad you popped over because you sound like a lady after my own heart ;-) I have loved seeing and reading your posts you have an eye for a bargain and WOW i love the cabinet make over that looks amazing love the way you changed the doors also. And your yellow dress from your other post i adore. And when i read about Hepcat and saw his furniture etc my jaw just hit the floor i am going to pop right over there in a minute. You sound like you have a great sense of humour to ;-)) Its been great to visit thank you so much again for popping by mine. I will look forward to following your journey with you. dee xx

  4. Hi Dee-Dee! Thank you so mcuch for your kind words and for stopping by! As a new blogger it gets a little lonely here & while I LOVE to yak, yakking amongst myself is a bit tedious! Haha! My good friend Hepcat keeps me going by stopping by frequently.

    I was so glad to find your site. You really caught my attention because you give it a very welcoming feeling. I look forward to stopping by often.

    As for my sense of humor....wellll, it's a bit off kilter sometimes, but I crack myself up & hopefully a few others too ;- ) I get my *grins* where I can find them - even if it's at my own back door!

    Thanks again for stopping by!