Saturday, October 1, 2011

Congratulations Hepcat!

Today I want to send HUUUGE Congratulations to my good friend Hepcat! 

(Is he THE most adorable Irish Laddie ever?!  And it's hard to tell which one is the silly-willie-nillie-old-bear!)

It's quite a milestone he celebrates today ~ It's his first TEN THOUSANDTH hit day on his blog!  And what a feat for a blog that only began two months ago! 

I first met Hepcat and his wife, the Adorable Mz. Kitty (AKA as Hepkitty) when they came into the store & bought a small retro table from me.  Then they came back and purchased a retro liquor cabinet I had for sale.  The Adorable Mz. Kitty showed me a small picture of a room in their home.  My jaw dropped & I began to wonder what these very sweet & VERY young people were all about and I was dying to see the rest of their home.  One way or another I did wangle and invite to their home and I want to tell you, it was like walking through a time warp, or even better, a step onto a page in Sunset Magazine and I could hardly describe to others this amazing home,  when one day up pops Hepcat Restorations on the blogosphere!  A way to FINALLY share what I'd seen.  These kids have amassed THE most amazing collection of retro living I've ever seen.

But Hepcat's blog is not all about showing off his to-die-for-dream house, nope, it's EVERYTHING a blog should be and more ~ fun, entertaining & informative.  He features the totally awesome, incredible restorations he has done and shares tips on how he did them (an amazing feat for one who does not have a shop & works out of his garage). 

My grandkids would definately NOT mind if grama had THIS item in her home - a totally restored & working 1950's candy machine

And wouldn't mom's old turkey roaster be SO very proud to be sitting on this!
And those are just two of the many beauty's he's given a new lease on life to.

Their collections are gorgeous, for instance Hepcat's floor-to-ceiling collection of vintage paint-by-numbers - WOW!

And the Adorable Mz. Kitty's vintage ceramic fish wall plaques (this is only a sampling of the collection in the gorgeous bathroom!)

This talented young man with an "old soul" is a veritable walking book of knowledge on all things 50's & 60's ~ art, music, entertainment, architecture, and beautiful restoration.  And he shares his "old soul" with us every day with his hard work in putting together THE most fun, informative blog I've ever seen on an entire era gone by.  I am so proud to call him and Hepkitty "friends".  And if you haven't yet visited Hepcat Restorations, you should take some time to step back in time and explore the very wonderful world he has created. 

CONGRATULATIONS My Friend!  And may your life be filled with TONS of jitterbugs & mooshy-cooshy dances!

(Now, I'm off to put the paint clothes back on to continue my race against time with Mother Nature for good weather and finish up all my own restoration projects!  See you soon!)


  1. WOW Vic!!! This tribute is amazing. Thank you so much for supporting our website (and me when I am demotivated ha ha), posting comments, offering insight, sharing your experiences, etc. I really do feel like I am an old soul. I should have been alive during that era. Mel and I are so blessed to have you as a friend and it means so much to us that you put this tribute together.Best of luck on your resto today. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

  2. That is an AMAZING site, can't wait to get over their and explore. and 10K hits in a day???? Makes me feel like giving up.
    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Wait th - I didn't see the th - either way it's still a big deal for a 2 mos blog. Still feel like giving up... but maybe a little less :) Okay, NOW I am on my way over.

  4. Oh Dear, DEAREST Helen Hartman - if anyone should NEVER "give up" it would be YOU! My goodness, next to my friend Hepcat, your own blog is NOT to be missed any day of the week! Why, what WOULD us girls do without your excellent advise & guidance?! (as well as the daily *grins*) Oh no...let NO MAN defeat you Dear Helen! Besides I need to blame SOMEONE for my new pink hair ;- )

  5. Hey! You're quite welcome Hepcat - it was my pleasure indeed. You're an amazing young man. Also, if you and the Adorable Mz. Kitty (especially Mz. Kitty) haven't checked out Dear Helen Hartmen - DO! Aside from you, her blog is one I don't miss. She has me cracking up with every post. She is amazing (and hilarious!)

  6. Thanks To the curler queen I am off to see the Kat kouple and most liely follow along too amd Miss H you bette go nowhere we would all miss your advise xx

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