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There are three “Connie’s” that I most remember from the 1950’s & 60’s – Connie Francis, Connie Stevens and Connie whats-her-name that stole my 10th grade boyfriend.  I got him back but that’s the last time EVER that we’ll mention THAT Connie ;- ).  For now I want to feature the beautiful Connie Francis, my all-time favorite female singer. 

She was the darling of the 50’s and 60’s in America as well as in Europe and made 31 albums & 26 hit singles.  In 1960, she became the first female singer to have two consecutive No. 1 singles, both on the top for two weeks: "Everybody's Somebody's Fool" and "My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own." That same year, she became the youngest headliner to sing at the Copacabana in New York City as well as in Las Vegas.  She also recorded in 15 languages.  Her most famous (and beautiful) foreign language album, to me, was “Connie Francis Sings Italian Favorites”.  Of course I knew NO Italian but I could sing along with every track – phonetically.

 Early in her career, she was introduced to and fell in love with Bobby Darin but her very controlling father disapproved of him & when he learned that Darin had suggested the two elope her father ran him off at gun point & told him never to see his daughter again.  She only saw him to more times for TV programs they both appeared on and she learned sadly learned of his marriage to Sandra Dee on the radio.  She later said that not marrying Darin was the biggest mistake of her life. 

Her fabulous career included 4 movies for MGM:  Where the Boys Are (1960); Follow the Boys (1963) (the title song of which became a No. 17 Billboard single for Francis); Looking for Love (1964), and When the Boys Meet the Girls (1965).   I saw them all when they came out but recently caught “Looking For Love” on a late night classic movie channel.  It was so adorable – sweet, innocent, silly, chauvinistic -  demonstrating the spillover of the 50’s women’s roles to the not yet women’s movement of the later 60’s.  It was a very confusing time & I remember it well.  And it was a time when women were still dressing to the nines and oh my, the clothes worn in that film were to DIE for!  Connie was also recognized for the gorgeous fashions she always appeared in.

Some of the beautiful "looks" of Connie Francis

Her later life was filled with heartbreak and tragedy.  She was brutalized and raped in 1974.  She had 4 failed marriages, and was plagued with chronic depression which hospitalized her many times and kept her from performing for many years.    In 1989, she resumed her performing career. Her most recent CD The American Tour (2004) contains performances from recent shows. In late December 2004, Francis headlined in Las Vegas for the first time since 1989. In March and October 2007, Francis performed to sold-out crowds at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. She appeared in concert in Manila, the Philippines, on Valentine's Day 2008. In 2010, she also appeared at Las Vegas Hilton.  If I’d known she was in Vegas last year I would have BEEN THERE!  My "bucket list" will never be complete until I can see this incredible lady perform.

Unfortunately & incredibly, as of this writing she is still not in the rock & roll hall of fame,  yet she was the first female pop star worldwide.  She has also done a lot of work for victims' rights since her rape in the '70s.

So for now, while I’m working on my current project, it’s going to be Connie Francis week here at Sponge Curlers & I will feature some of my favorite tunes by her on my playlist.  I hope you enjoy them too.  I have gleaned all information from Wikipedia, and added some of my own comentary.   

Have a GREAT treasure hunting weekend!



  1. The melody reminds me of being 7 years old and the record player in the front room of 42nd street. Breath taking. Thanks for sharing.

    Love you mom!

  2. Yep, you heard em all didn't you baby! This is my WONDERFUL eldest son Sean Paul stopping by to keep his Ma company. Thank you honey & I love you more!


  3. She was gorgeous will you share pics of her as she is now too?Isnt it sad she had that regret not marrying him?

  4. Yeah it is sad she had such a regret especially since it was her father that forbade them - she probably always blamed him for her unhappiness. But from what I've read, Darin didn't treat Sandra Dee very good - in fact abusive at times so maybe Connie was lucky & didn't know it! As for pics of how she looks now....welllll, you could Google some - she hasn't aged as well as Auntie

  5. Oh WOW!!!! I must have seen "Where the Boys Are" dozens of times growing up, and in fact saw it again just a couple months ago on
    TMC!! My fav is(hope the title is correct) "Everybodys Somebody's Baby"! If that isn't right let me know ok!

    LOVE the topics as well as the stuff you put on here!!

    See ya

    SKYE O?O

  6. Wish I would have caught it on TMC too darnit! I haven't seen it in years. It was such a romantic movie & how liberated were those girls that got to go away by themselves to such a fun place and, George Hamilton wasn't a joke! Haha! Ahh, those were the days, eh?!

    I'm so glad you stop by here once in a while Skye. It means so much that you take the time. Aside from you & my friend Hepcat, not ONE of my other friends or family ever stops by. Sean surprised me on this one! Oh well, they just don't know where the action is do they! Haha! And I'm loving my new friends from blogland. It seems I've found the very best of em!

    Sending you ((HUGS))
    P.S. I think that song you mentioned is "Everybody's Somebody's Fool".

  7. Hello Vic That satin dress you liked is only about a size 8 Ill never get it on lol The Australia thing is a teatowel.I have used a few old patterns and want to use some of the ones I have They are not as easy as modern ones to follow tho but will try.Hope your day has ben wonderful!!

  8. THANKS!! I think you are right! Also I think I liked on I think she did? "Stupid Cupid"? Oh yeah and "Lipstick On Your Collar" ! Great songs in those days, and I won't even get started on the great R&B of that era!

    Oh well, gotta go take care of the babies.


    SKYE O?O

  9. Check out this cool video of Connie Francis singing "Goldfinger"

  10. Hello backatcha Ranchie! Been thinking about you. Hope to see you soon at the ranch! Thank you for stopping by.

  11. Nice you featured "Looking For Love" and the beautiful dresses Connie wore in that movie. It is rarely shown on TCM (they may never again show it, so buy the DVD while it is still available) but it is the most favored movie among her fans. Those gowns from that movie were specifically made for Connie by Don Loper, including long mermaid style dress, not used in the movie but she wore it for Vegas performances and photoshoots (I made a 30x40 inch poster of one). This film obviously has Connie singing, including two different styles (pop an jazz) of the same song "Looking For Love." Also seen in this movie where Connie jumps on top of George Hamilton and gives him a huge smooch. Few years ago I asked Connie what is it like doing kissing scenes during movie shoots, she said it's no big deal (she also said doing movies was really boring) so she mostly thought about other stuff like shopping. Connie said it was embarrassing to do some of those scenes because they always paired her with men much taller than she so they had her stand on a box. However, she never remembered kissing George Hamilton.