Thursday, October 13, 2011

Auntie Is EIGHTY!

Omigosh!  I invited Auntie to lunch today for her birthday.  I told her to meet me at Cheesecake Factory at 11:30 before the lunch crowd.  I decided to get there early & get a table and greet her.  She beat me.  She was at the BAR with a glass of wine schmoozing with the young, handsome bar tender - yep, that's my "Auntie Mame" - I shoulda known!  Anyway, I gave her a hug & asked her how old she is now (I honestly wasn't sure) & she cocked her head & said eighty.  EIGHTY?!  I truly was floored.  I really can't believe it.  I told her she must have spent every night of her life in a pickle jar being so well preserved.  She chuckled.  She's proud.  And she should be.  I'm proud.  SO proud she's my Auntie Mame & I love her SO much.  So here she is.  And me.  She looking more like a sister than an ELDERLY aunt!  To be fair & honest this picture was taken a couple of years ago when we went on a cruise together (she was a blast!) and we've both aged 2 years, but she's still a stunner,  my Auntie
So, "vintage" we are - but she's NO antique!  Happy birthday to my beautiful, wonderful Auntie!


  1. Yes Vickie I do have 5 soon to be 6 once all the silly paperwork that seems to be taking forever at other end is done.They all belong to daughter (see what bipolar does?) 5 dads yep bad hey? anyway love them and would be lost without them just wish she would/could have a normal happy life.
    So thats aubty Mame.Isnt she lovelt now you have to find a pic of her in her other heyday(coz am sure she is still in one now)
    Everyone needs an aunty Mame xxx
    Did you say she never had kids?

  2. Happy Birthday to your Auntie!!! She looks fabulous!! Where did you go on the cruise when you went? Mel and I keep talking about going on a cruise but we never take time to actually plan it :)..maybe one of these days...

  3. Oh Nelly! Whew! Six eh? HooBoy. You're a wonderful woman/mom/grama! And where on earth do you get your energy?! And you still manage to do a blog and beautiful creations! I bow to you my dear. I know we do what we need to do for our kids, with love, and there is just something so special about grandchildren, so different. The children (I've seen on your blog) are BEAUTIFUL! One can see their grama makes them very happy.

    All my old family pictures are stored away in a box & I know I must find one of auntie in her heyday (everyday's a heyday to auntie - haha!).

    Nelly, thank you so much for taking time to stop by my blog. It means more than ever now! Take care of YOU!

  4. Hi Hepcat! Thanks for stopping by. You know it always means a lot. Auntie & I did the Alaska cruise and it was magnificant. Alaska stole my heart & reassured me there are still beautiful pristine places left in the world. Alaska is so rich in history & set me on a whole new path of learning. As far as "cruising" goes - it is beyond fantastic! It was my first time & I adored every single milisecond of it. Oh wait - except for one storm! Wahhh! But talk about luxury, fun & decadance! And you meet THE very nicest people. Oh my! Yes, you & the adorable Mz. Kitty really MUST do it! And do consider Alaska - it's magnificant!

  5. Dad who happens to be 82 :) said Alaska was the best cruise and he is an avid cruiser. He has been all over the world..he said we should go on Princess.