Monday, October 10, 2011

Show & Tell Monday!

And boy was it a whopper of a Saturday morning pick!  It started out kinda slow, nothing in the immediate area & I felt kinda discouraged so I got a doughnut :- )  That's it - it was the magical doughnut that sent me on my way following one little measley sign that led to another and another and WOW, I was home by noon looking like Granny Clampett with a full trunk & the back seat piled high!  (Big Daddy's just GOT to get me one of those Mercedes Van's like Mike & Frankie have!  Hah!  Fat chance little mama...dream on).  Well anyway, here's my proud pick from the weekend

This one is really a last minute sharp right turn I made on my way home - nearly got rear ended but it sure was worth it!  A total prize to my way of thinking!
A signed, 1969 Curtis Jere wall sculpture!

A gorgeous 1950's (maybe 40's) lamp.  There are no markings but it really is breathtaking & large, 12" tall

And boy was it CHAIR day!  Never found this many in one day - ever!  But boy did I luck out!  It's going to need a bit of light hand sanding & a rub down with tung oil but it's a beauty!

A beautiful Conant Ball Russell Wright chair - Sure wish they'd had the WHOLE set!

And how bout this gorgeous mid-century desk chair in PERFECT condition!

And this is my very favorite one!  Gonna need some scrubbing time with the Woolite Upholstry cleaner, but so worth it

A beautiful Slipper Chair - got to be from the 40's or 50's.  I adore it!

These were all the craze in the 1970's & I had a great collection.  I still think they're adorable
Wish I knew the manufacturer.  Don't know if they're the same or not, but so cute

I'm so excited about this one, I guess because I just think it's beautiful.  Has no markings but I was told it is an art pottery from the 1940's, made in Hollywood - and that's why it's so glamourous!
It's a large, 12"

I love Sorocco!  Especially one's with color

And pretty metal wall sculptures - even if they aren't Jere :- )
Lost one poor little butterfly on the right, but I can snip off the nub & it'll still be pretty

Oh and I RAN for this when I saw it laying on a driveway.  I didn't actually need to run because everyone else was just walking over & ignoring it like it wasn't a GREAT treasure.  Silly people
What a hot ensemble this addition is going to make with the great mod clothes I found last week!  Groovy baby ;- )

And last but not least.....I've been avoiding Christmas stuff all summer because I simply hate that Christmas now begins in July in the stores.  But I really must remember to start planning ahead.  This is a cute little tin tray with four coasters that caught my eye.

So that's it!  It was a GREAT Saturday!  After a beautiful weekend of 80 degree weather, maybe it was an omen that winter is creeping up & it will be the end of garage sailing for a few months (I go into mourning every year bout this time).  But alas there's always those GREAT indoor church rummage sales, estate sales & the flea markets on chilly (but rain free) afternoons.  Hope your weekend was as fun and GREAT as mine!



  1. I see you bot lots of goodies this week!!!!! Good for you! Nice to see ya having Fun!

    SKYE! O?O

  2. Hi Skye! Yep, I have a merry ol time picking on the weekends. It's become a real passion having the store & keeping it stocked with lots of pretty things. I just love the whole idea of bringing things back & repurposing. I just can't see throwing away whole era's of beautiful things. Thanks for dropping by, it means a lot to me :- ) Hug to new babies for me!

  3. You done good Granny C Is that Lucy and her hubby I spy on that lovely chair.I see lots I would love but that floral bag, mate I have seen a few of them on blogs would love to find one too never seen them here tho.I wanna see your vintage outfits now.

  4. Helllo Nelly! (did you know I adore your name?!). Yep, that's Lucy & Ricky (Desi) and what a find, eh!? She so beautiful, he so HOT & handsome. You don't see too many "glam" pics of Lucy so I jumped on it & one other. They are actually vintage studio prints! I think I'm going to do a post about her glam days. And thank you for loving my crazy-adorable bag! I couldn't understand why NO ONE had glommed it before me! And, if you weren't so bluddy far away I'd send it to you. You can see the other mod clothes & accessories I got on a post a little ways down here. BTW - Bravo for Movie Star Monday! Thanks for stopping by again, I always love your company

  5. Great stuff!! Especially that flowered suitcase.

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful time on your pick..except the almost crashing part :). That Jere sculpture is such a find!!! Someone is going to love that!!

  7. Wow i love that little flower power case those people were nutters passing it by i would have made a run for it to ;-)) Its gorgeous you lucky thing. dee xx