Friday, November 4, 2011

Who Knew?!?!?!

Wow, who knew having an Etsy store could be EXHAUSTING!  I'm tellin you, it seems to be as much work as the store at Folsom (meaning double work!).  It's a lot of work being a picker, ya know?  Whew.  Oh it all sounds real simple - just take some pics & throw them out there & the masses will appear.  Haha!  Nupe, gotta practically set up a "photo studio" to make sure all items look as appealing as possible, then filling out a long form for every item as well as an appealing description.  And OH, packing & shipping!  Whew again.  And this doesn't even include all the washing, scrubbing, ironing, etc that's always involved in re-selling vintage.  In fact right now I have two pairs of nice vintage gloves soaking in color safe bleach & one vintage apron with an oxy-paste on a gravy stain, oh, and the two other (adorable) vintage aprons I just washed & ironed, oh and....the sweet cotton Christmas table cloth still waiting to be ironed.  Waaaah!  What am I doing?!  These are my golden years - what was I thinking?!  My last marble just dropped out my left ear!!!

But as ALWAYS, Big Daddy to the rescue, if not with a blow-torch or a hazmat suit for me, then consoling, calming words of encouragement

But wait!  He has his motives.  He may look all suave & debonair (I know you're coveting - now STOPPIT!)  in those Sunday-go-meetin clothes and smelling like that old Jade East cologne he found at the estate sale last weekend, but then who wouldn't knowing what I found at that same estate sale

Oh I saw that wicked look and evil grin when I was slipped this old Magic Fingers bed massager between the mattress to make sure it still works properly & doesn't electrocute.  For you youngsters who missed the era of motor lodges with the  Magic Fingers Bed Massager feature, well, there's still a chance to experience the good ol days!  And you won't even have to put a quarter in the box for a cheap thrill!  (IMPORTANT NOTE:  - it goes between the mattress..the M-A-T-T-R-E-S-S!  I would not want to be responsible for an unfortunate event in case you're thinking of ordering! ;- ) Yessiree, they are still out there for home use!   Ho!  And he thinks I won't know when he secretly tries to order it from my Etsy store - I'll know.  So he can just take his soothing words, sexy junior prom suit, and the flowers he's no doubt planning to show up with when the thing arrives, and, well, you know :- )  He'll not pull anything over on ME!

So anyway, I've had a few good pickin days but took most of the stuff out to the store or getting it ready to go on Etsy & not yet photographed, but I have been lucky & found a couple more things for my nostalgia room which, BTW is starting to look like the Etsy Warehouse instead of my sweet nostalgia room - bummmer, but still looking sort of nice.  First thing I found is this great groovy hairspray can holder!  Gosh, we never had such a glamourous item to hold our hairspray & I'd never seen one so I never felt deprived, but I sure would have wanted one if I'd known, so now I do! 

How cool is that!  I got it at Zootsuitmama's store on Etsy.  I couldn't wait to zoom down to Walgreen's & get a can of good ol pink Aqua Net (how I would LOVE to find an old can of Carol Richards!!!).  Much to my dismay, they've updated the can (amazing it's still even around!) to look more modern and I want an OLD one darnit!  However....I do know there's a can of the old model in the restroom at the store in Folsom so I'm not discouraged.  They probably won't mind trading a full, new style can for the old model!  Stands to reason a vintage store would have a vintage can of Aqua Net in the lady's room, right?!

Also found a book to start my re-collection of my favorite girlhood reads

 I had a huuuge collection of the Whitman Publishing Co. books for young people with the shiney covers.  In good times and a LOT of hard times I lost myself for hours & days with the adventures of Donna Parker, Trixie Belden, The Bobsey Twins, and Annette (the Mouseketer).  There were many books in each series & I loved them.  And since my granddaughter is about the age I was when I had them, she is my excuse for getting them!  We can read aloud together.  Grandchildren are so great for many reasons :- )

So my friends, this is where I'm at these days, as uninspiring as it is to blog about (or read about!).  I've got several fun ideas to blog about, but gosh......who knew it would be so time consuming to be a successful business woman *snurk-snurk*.  It's actually going quite well so far.  I don't want to jinx myself or brag but it's going way better than I thought it might, so send me a *High-Five* and a wish for continued good "sale-ing" and I promise to CUT the Connie Francis music and find something else fun to talk about & listen to.  I will!  I promise!

Till next time....Cheerio!


  1. Wow sounds like you are REALLY busy!

    One thing....I must have missed something!
    What is Etsy?

    SKYE O^O

  2. ;-))) Bless you, you have a great sense of humour i was laughing out loud at the bed massager bit i have images now ;-)) I have never seen one of those but god wouldn't it be great if it works ;-)) So pleased to hear your shop is doing well. Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for your beautiful kind words on my post.dee xx

  3. Dee-dee! Thank you so much for taking time to stop by, especially when you're feeling so bum. I appreciate your "company". You're such a very sweet girl. Also glad you appreciate my humor! The bed massager really does work & feels good but it's such a hilarious concept. I do remember begging my mom for quarters to use it when we would travel. GET WELL SOON! (BTW - to borrow from another friend...."my friends call me Vic" short for Vickie. :- )

  4. Hi Skye! You're such a darling for always stopping by. I appreciate you SO much. About Etsy - if you look to the right of this page & scroll up a little bit you will see a bunch of little square pictures & under them it says Etsy & under that it says "A Twinkle In Time" If you click on the Twinkle link it will take you to my new online vintage store. It's kind of an extension of my place in Folsom only online. Etsy is a GREAT place to shop. There are two sections - one for vintage & one for crafters who make & sell everything from all kinds of beautiful jewelry to specialty soaps, you name it you can probably find it on Etsy. I plan to do a lot of Christmas shopping there to support small businesses. Check it out! BTW - don't you think Ruben would love the massager too ;-)

  5. Hmmm, not sure bout the massage might be worth the migraine! ;>D

    SKYE O^O

  6. Somehow I found you while out bloghopping, probably from Vintage Christine's. Now I'm your newest follower and I'll go looking for you on Etsy, too. Love your blog! So fun! I have a vintage shop on Etsy, too, and a blog of the same name, Passionate Flea. I still have all my Nancy Drew and read many a Bobsey Twin too. Love the hairspray holder you snagged! Yes, Etsy is a great place to Christmas shop, especially for things I can't make.

    Liz (aka Ninny, aka Passionate Flea)

  7. Well this is just too weird/funny! Did you get to my place first or did I get to your place first cause I was just at your place! Thank you for stopping by whichever way it went. It get's a little lonely here - I'm new at this as well as Etsy & I find I'm spending waay too much time at Etsy when I should be here making this a fun place to be. So, I've got you on my list on the side here & will look forward to meeting up with you often - here and there! Thank you Liz for stopping by & I do hope you'll NOT be rockin & rollin again for a while! I KNOW how scarry it is.