Monday, November 14, 2011

A Love Affair With.....APRONS?!?

What?!  Me, who gets the megrams & must run for the fainting couch at the very thought of food preparation?!  But oh yes, I'm having a recent love affair with aprons.  The vintage kind.  The one's our mom's wore in the 50's & on into the early 60's or until mom passed away & we sent them all to the Goodwill or wherever, because us "modern" girls simply wouldn't ever use them.  At least that's how it was for me.  The only apron I ever owned was a novelty one given as a gift which said, "Insanity Is Hereditary - You Get It From Your Kids".  I wore it cause I thought it was funny & pretty much true but it wasn't a fashion statement.  And while I've picked up a few here & there to sell at the store I'd not really taken a good look or thought about them and noticed the HUGE variety and what a fashion statement they really were.  Even more amazing is how many of them have survived the years to be re-sold and loved again.  Oh yes, they truly were a fashion statement.  Mom had her everyday utilitarian one's that covered from shoulder to hem but when she was entertaining it was a whole other thing.  When the guests started arriving, off would come that old stained one & on would go the half one, starched & ironed with ric-rac, pretty applique pockets and the pretty bow tied perfectly in the back.  And I can remember her softly sliding her hands down the front making sure it looked perfect.  So here's a look back to a sweeter "domestic" time.

Elegant & versatile too!  (For the end of the week & you ran out of clean one's you could just flip the dirty one! ;- )

So pretty in pink! (This is the one she scrambled for when the guest's started arriving!)

Daydreams of when he gets home from earning the bread she just baked

It's gonna be a HOT time in the ol town tonight!!  Woo-Hoo!  Mama knows what rattles daddy's jingle bells (and it ain't those hot brownies he'll be grabbing for later, oh no siree ;- )

OH!  That Big Daddy - just HAS TO steal the show every time doesn't he!  But he really hates it when I get the megrams and the bruises, scratches & resulting scabbing so he pitches in now & then and not without a fashion statement of his own!  (Whata guy!)

But they really were a fashion statement weren't they, along with your pretty, new, up-to-date aqua or pink kitchen appliances

And here's one of my recent finds.  The reason I'm showing it is because of the thoughts I was having as I worked away at a tiny gravy stain, thinking maybe this happened when dad sneaked up to give her a little kiss behind the ear & scared her to death!  Did she respond in kind with a twinkle of promise in her eye, or did she whirl around & call him a sonuvabitch for ruining her BEST apron????

(Can you guess MY reaction to that fantasy??? :- )

They really were a fashion statement of the time, the occasion, and the woman herself

The End.

Cheerio!  And have YOUR best apron ready for Thanksgiving!  Who know's what surprise YOUR OWN Big Daddy will rein upon you!


  1. **FOOTNOTE** I misspelled "megrams" - SHOULD be "megrims". A word commonly used in historic romance novels (of which I am passionate about!) for severe headaches - probably migraines. I'm such a dork!

  2. I was actually talking with someone last winter about making some vintage-style aprons -- I LOVE the reversible idea, hadn't thought of that!

  3. Yaaay! Katie! My heroine who FINALLY told me the correct spelling of meGRIMS. She's an old romance reading pal from way back. I'm so glad you decided to jump in - we really should break out the vodka don't you think? If you do make some aprons I want to see them! I wonder if the pattern companies still do the vintage look. If you want ideas just go to Google images, there's tons of adorable one's. I just love the fancy nylon see-throughy ones (you know, the one's you can wear later with a garter belt & silk stockings?! ;- ) (is it any wonder Big Daddy gets wild ideas - Hahaha!) Thank you so much for stopping by Katie & hope you'll come again any ol time. You know the welcome mat is always out.

  4. I have been meaning to do a post called "the Dance of the 27 aprons" lol stay tuned it will happen

  5. Hey Nelly! In your spare time? *wink* Dance of the 27 aprons eh? Hm, this will be good for sure. I'll be watching for it! Loved movie star Monday as usual! Thanks for stoppin by!

  6. You know these aprons are so decorative that some young people out there would probably wear em out on the town! HAHAHA!!!!!

  7. Or in the boudoir Skye ;- ) There really are so many beautiful ones if one really looks. It took me a while to "see" them & really realize how fashionable they were. And so many of them were handcrafted.

  8. Ho! So funny! And so true. I always look for vintage aprons wile digging through linens at estate sales, but not for myself. The only apron I ever wore was a red one decorated with Christmas lights. It said, "Stay lit for Christmas." My prop was a glass of wine, not a stock pot!

  9. Chiming in a bit late to let you know I LOVE the aprons (Not enough to wear one, let's get out of control here) and your comments.

  10. Hi Vickie,

    The green flower brooch set sold, shipped out to Germany just this morning. On Etsy, you can rearrange your shop items. Even though I have newer items in my shop, I rearranged the order so that all the Christmas is first, and color matched, LOL. If you want to rearrange, go to your shop page and at the very bottom is a button to "rearrange your shop." Etsy is kind of a learn as you go, and I learn something new about it all the time! Oh, and BTW, has some vintage inspired aprons offered today.
    Happy Thanksgiving!