Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good Sunday Morning To You & Some Recent Finds

The sun is already shining at 8:27 a.m. here in sunny Sacto, CA.  Gives me hope that the temp will be warm enough to paint the old wicker sleigh today.  It's been "iffy" this week.  I've had the darn thing for a few years in it's current natural wicker color but it needs to be much more festive so bring on the Christmas red spray cans!  We're going to use it in our Christmas window display at Folsom so I must get crackin!

I've also decided that I MUST buy a new camera!  I've noted that other blogs are so much more interesting & fun because of pictures taken "on the fly" at flea markets, estate sales, and just places passing by on the journey.  I don't take those kind of pictures now because my camera is heavy & bulky & not easy to lugg around & really meant more for "photography" than just fun shots .  So, Walmart here I come for a smaller, easier to handle camera that I can just sling on my wrist & shoot with.  Well, um, maybe at this point in the season I may have to wait for Santa (Oh, I KNOW Big Daddy is "Santa"!  I caught him one time trying to sneak a blender into the house Christmas Eve.  That was of course the year he had bruises & abrasions on Christmas morning :- ) 

Had a few good "pickin" days - one was on my birthday with my old pal Linda.  Had a yummie brunch at Denny's in Cameron Park (love that place!) & headed for the hills around Placerville & Pollock Pines. We have a few favorite picking spots up that way & I adore going to the foothills & miss it when the weather gets bad & we're stuck down here in the valley.  Anyway, here's a few great finds. Some are at Folsom, some on Etsy but I love em all!

Ooo, I can SO taste that citrine martini with a little mandarin orange slice in the bottom of these glasses!

And I SO wish I were young and SKINNY again so I could have this fabric made into a fabulous 50's style halter dress for summer! 

Just simply LUUUV these Sexton kitty cats!

Just GOT TO find an old fondue recipe book & get back into it!  Yum!

An absolutely precious old needlepoint just waiting for the clever person (which I am NOT!) to make it into a pretty little pillow, or even frame it.  Too cute!

And the VERY coolest find of the week - An absolutely gorgeous Victorian era silver plate tea pot.  It's simply breathtaking in it's design.  I adore the reindeer legs & the dog on top.  A very special find for sure

So, those are a few of my recent finds.  Every picking day is an adventure, taking us to a place of no worries and things that make us feel happy.  Hope your weekend has been a great one with lots of love & happy!



  1. See I told you that you are waaaay more active than me! LOL

    You seem to be gearing up for the HAPPIEST holidays just fine!

    Have lots fun!!!

    SKYE O^O

  2. This is just a test

  3. Oh love that little lady embroidery but love the teapot even more.I have a small camera for my bag always with me (if its not I have a melt down lol) but I want a larger camera for some nicer pics (Its on my list of want to gets)

  4. To die for! The martini set, the fabric, the silver plate tea pot. I wish I could sew...that fabric would make the perfect halter dress, you're so right! Good eye.

  5. Hey, there's the frazzled Nellie! And you still look mahhvelous dahling! And my new friend Liz and my old pal Skye! It's looking like a party to me - I say we break out the vodka & christen those martini glasses! Thanks for stopping by. It's far less lonely these days with your company. ((HUGS))

  6. Ooohh please show a photo of the sleigh when you get it painted i would love to see it. I adore the fondue set just a fab design and colour i have never had fondue but i would love to have a try. And that fabric would indeed make a gorgeous 50's wiggle dress. You have a good eye and that tea pot is gorgeous. Enjoy all your lovely things and have a lovely week. dee xx

  7. Oooo, I can so see YOU in that 50's "wiggle" dress Dee! You're such a doll, it would be YOU all over! So glad you're feeling better. You're far too sweet to be feeling buggery! Thank you so much for stopping by! I adore my new found blog friends near & far.