Saturday, November 26, 2011

Catch Up!

This is going to be long cause I haven't had a chance to do any "ketchup" time here on my projects.  First off I must show you the gift I received from Big Daddy!  So exciting & the best part is that after 30+ years he's learned NOT to wrap an item of this sort in gift paper & put it under the Xmas tree!  Such a darling he is, and a quick learner too ;- )

And see how quickly HE learned to use it!

Yep, it's Big Daddy toiling away on the old brass & glass table I picked up a while ago.  After toiling with harsh chemicals, tiny hand sander, & scrubbing, he went to the tool shop & found THE magic tool for the job and is it looking INNNCREDIBLE!  Check it out!

It's almost all complete and looks like absolute NEW!  All "we" *wink*  need to do is put a good coat of laquer on it and it will look like the day it was born 60+ years ago.  Dang, sure wish we could put ME on the grinder & buff me up to look this great!  Yes, Big Daddy will get ALL the credit for this one.  I'm so excited to see it all back together & when that happens you'll see it too.  THANKYOU Big Daddy for your toil & devotion to this project.

Onto other little project's I've managed to finish.  First the plain little rattan sleigh I mentioned that needed a festive touch.  Here it is before.  Cute, but not a bit in the spirit of Christmas

Now it's ready for the store Christmas window in all it's new finery!  Yes, much better I think!

Then, after I'd purchased my 1950's hairspray can holder for my nostalgia room (which I'd never seen one before) I found another one (probably more from the 60's).  I was amazed to find this since I never even knew they existed & all of a sudden all these years later, here they are!  The gold on this was too gone to be pretty anymore so I got out the old spray can & gave it a pretty new look.  Here it is before (please let me explain that I have NO IDEA how to make some of these pics upright but you get the idea anyway.  If anyone knows how - PLEASE do let me know).  Before
And here's the pretty new look.  I have TONS of old, mismatched vintage jewelry & I plan to place a few tiny blings on the top of it.  Cute eh?!

And, these of course aren't projects but a few of my Thanksgiving blessings.  My helper, my granddaughter Tessa Belle
Ain't she just the cat's pajamas!  ;- )

And a super blessing - a new addition and 4 generations of McCloud girls
L - R: Great grama Joan (the tiny pillar of the Clan McCloud), my neice Melissa, Melissa's mom Cheryl and front & center our newest blessing, 2 week old Piper having a "get me outta here" moment but still absolutely adorable!

Ok, I know this is long, but hang on one more minute, k?  I'm going to do a (hopefully) weekly "shout out" for some of my new favorite Etsy stores & crafters.  I've decided this is going to be a buy AMERICAN Christmas & except for a few "must have" electronic toys for the kids I'm going to support American crafters locally & nationally as well as local small businesses.  My first salute is going to an incredible crafter who is located in eastern Sierra Nevada.  His/her shop is called NorseWest.  I adore Norse/Celtic jewelry & this person simply does a gorgeous job creating beautiful designs.  I made my first Christmas purchase from this shop.  This is not what I bought (cause I don't want to ruin the surprise) but a sample of the beautiful creations

So, if you have some time to browse, please do visit this shop & read the profile & you will see the spirit of which these designs are created from.  AMERICAN crafters & small business need our help- NOW!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving & DON'T feel as STUFFED as I still do!  I shall waddle out now.  Thank you for visiting. 



  1. The coat of paint to that sleigh worked wonders... do you have some to spray on a middle aged lady who could use some sprucing up?

  2. ME....ME TOO!!! What she said in above comment! LOL :D

    Wow Big Daddy IS handy....just like my H!,
    Gotta love that!

    Looks like you had a good Thanksgiving!

    I am certainly going to check out that shop....ya aren't the only Irish around! LOL
    THATS my family in a nutshell! Was hearing celtic lulabyes since my crib!
    Most of the ladies(starting with our grandma) to my ma- my sis & my son are all RED Irish! *sigh* Too bad I didn't end up with red hair.....was so much without the help of my hairdresser! LOL putting the Santa and snowmen up on my book shelf for Chrisrmas soon!

    See ya!

  3. Wow vic you have been so busy. And double WOW at the sleigh i can't believe how different and how much better it looks painted red its gorgeous ;-) Amd those handles are amazing can't wait to see the finished result..bless men and their toys ;-) I have never seen a hairspray can holder either and im loving yours its super pretty now. And bless Tessa Bella and Piper what adorable girls enjoy them ;-) Have a wonderful week, And thank you so very much for all your lovely sweet comments on my blog they mean a lot. And yes my man is a keeper ;-)) dee xx

  4. Skye & Dear Helen - I seriously doubt you need the spray can, maybe just a touch here & there from the "paint pot" we call our makeup bags. Myself, I'm full on ready for the grinder/buffer! I want to sparkle like that brass!

    Dee, thanks for the kudo's on the sleigh. Don't know why it took me so long to realize it needed a bit of the "spirit". It's going in the store window today!

    Oh Skye, you know how I love the red hair (remember when I was first going to meet you & I tried a new shade & it turned out PURPLE when purple was NOT fashionable! Haha!) & so wish I'd gotten it & why I used the auburn dye bottles for so many years. I don't forget you're my "Irishlass" sister.

    Thanks y'all for stopping by - your visits always make the old "homestead" warmer.


  5. OH YEAH!!!!!! I remember! HAHAHAHA!!

  6. I love that your supporting American small businesses! I always try to do that by shopping at small antique stores and such! I saw that you have a shop here in old Folsom... I love it there, and I'm so glad I live to close to it :)