Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Potpourri

Hello!  And I hope your holiday season isn't as hectic & crazy as mine is becomming - but I know it is!  It's THAT time of the year after all.  Haven't had any time in the past two weeks to do any picking (getting the DT's I tell ya!) but thought I'd share a bit of holiday this & that.  First of all I want you to know I got busted by a neighbor driving by this morning at 6:48, out in the front yard in my pajamas & scarecrow hair taking this pic of Big Daddy's effort to get the outside of the house in the holiday spirit.  Since we're now empty nester's with no young blood to assist, I was a bit worried about Big Daddy climbing on the ladder.  Since he's also my Sugar Daddy ;- ) I sure don't want him taking a tumble off the damn thing!  No siree!  So I was the assistant this year with a white knuckles grip on both legs - his and the ladders!  So here's the result.  Not gonna be on the list of drive-by sites to see, but still, here's our "Welcome" to Santa Baby to let him know that little momma still hangs her stocking with care in case he's got a bit of bling in the old sack of goodies ;- )

I really love my "blow molds" - which I didn't even know they were called that until reading (& seeing) "Z-mama's" at her blog.  She's got a great collection & I hope to expand mine in the future.  My beautiful neice Colette gave me the Santa last year & I found Frosty the Snowman at the Goodwill for 5 bucks this year!

Last weekend was a special one - I took my granddaughter, the lovely growing-up-waaay-too-fast, Tessa Belle, on the Polar Express which is an annual (very special) event put on by the California Railroad Museum here in Sacramento.  We went with other family members and oh what a wonderful experience!  If you're local or anywhere in the area do try to do it sometime with your little ones.  Most people (little & big alike) wear pajama's & slippers and the old train takes a nearly two hour trip down the tracks and re-enacts the movie with dancing and characters serving hot chocolate & cookies.  It ends at the "North Pole" and Santa appears on the train to hand out bells to those who "believe".  So here's me & my Miss Bella in our coordinating jammies & slippers on our way to a fun day, as well as a couple of other pics (of which I took HUNDREDS) on the train
(Once AGAIN, if ANYONE can tell me how to make a picture STRAIGHT, PLEEZE let me know!  This drives me BATTY!)

Dancer serving cookies!

And dear old Santa handing out bells and lots of smiles!

One more Christmas note.  Last year I was thinking it may be my Tessa's last year to "believe".  I myself am a HUGE believer in the magic and spirit of Santa Claus and I've mourned each year when my babies "crossed over".  Last year (as well as this year) Macy's put out a line of "Yes Virginia" items including a book and ornaments and I thought it would be a good thing for us to share and maybe give her a few more of those treasured Santa "moments" before she too crossed over.  It is a beautiful book & story and includes a copy of the actual letter Virginia sent to the New York Sun newspaper editor as well as his answer.  I also included my own note to her about keeping the "magic" in our hearts.  She's not a believer this year (it has to happen sometime I guess) but she humors me because she thinks I AM ;- )

If you have a little "tweener" that's teetering on the edge of that magic, I so recommend this story to share.  Even after the magic of Santa is gone, there is the memory of this that you shared.

 Ok, I guess that's pretty close to "it" for now - however, as I mentioned in my last post I want to feature some of my favorite Etsy stores that I think would be great for holiday buying.  I'm on the HUUUGE "Support American Small Business" this year - and in the future - so here's two stores I LOVE!  I've purchased a beautiful set from Bonny & Clyde and don't let the name fool you!  She makes gorgeous bath powders and skin care products.  Check it out!

And if you have someone on your Christmas list that LOVES gorgeous, different, and beautifully crafted jewelry, please DO check out Nora Catherine.  This is some of THE most beautifully designed jewelry I've seen in a long time.  Some is pricey but some is very affordable.  This gal is talented!

Ok, I guess that's it for this crazy week.  I'll be stopping by to visit your blogs today to see how everyone's hold up!  Hope your holiday season is THE very best, filled with love and LOTS of bling in your stockings!




  1. What a fun day with your grandaugher! I love The Polar Express and the movie makes me cry every time. The lights on your house look festive, much more than mine! I always check them to see if they work before I put them up, but EVERY year, gremlins wait until I've spent four hours arranging them over the bushes and then half of them don't light up. Arrgh! Well, I'm going through junkin withdrawal and need to do some serious picking, too. Have a happy Christmas!


  2. OOOOHH, you lucky thing! You get to ride on THE POLAR EXPRESS!!!!! :D

    I know this may seem unbelieveable(as we seem to like a lot of the same things)
    BUT I REALLY do LOVE that movie!!!!!! My family groans every year because I set it to record at least 3 to 4 times lest I miss it or as usual want to see it 'just one more time' AFTER I view and delete! LOL!

    All this for a sentimental movie when I am VERY definitely NOT usually!

    Oh well enough! Just wanted to wish you a


    ps am sending pic of the 'babies' Santa visit!

  3. Merry Holidays to both of you my friends. It's a crazy time but wouldn't have it any other way. But I'm glad we got to do the Polar Express early in the season cause I don't think I could have done it any later - toooo much to do from 12/1 on! LOVE your babie's Santa visit Skye - they are too adorable. BTW...I never met an Irish girl that was not a sentimental goof so you can't fool me ;- )

    ((HUGS)) to you both!

  4. Hello I will be doing etsy soon just had to get thru some family dramas today (my life argghh!)Blogger will be eternally painful with some pics.But if its straight when you start just have to download again and retry I used to have same problem and still do on occassion but still a cute pic looks like someones getting squashed.

  5. Ho! I don't know how you get ANYTHING done or have such a fun blog with all the responsibility you have at home. I bow to you. Thankyou for taking time to stop by. Glad to hear bout the Etsy store! It's where you belong!

  6. BTW - It DOES look like I'm squishing my poor little Tessa against the tree! Haha! DAMN I wish I could figure out how to straighten pics on this blog! It's driving me NUTS!

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