Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ho-Ho-Ho! This Girl Believes!

Okay so I'm already frazzled to the core with getting ready for the big day & in 7 more days Big Daddy will probably start processing the committment papers to have me put away.  Not even one second for picking and I was starting to get the heeby-geeby's real bad when yesterday I was hell bent for one of the malls (I HATE MALLS!) when I drove by this thrift store & a lady was putting out a couple of chairs that NEARLY made me slam on the breaks - but NO, I kept on going, focussed on my mission - no time to picking money.  Hey, it's Christmas, right?  I spent my picking allowance already buying supplies for projects, etc.  KEEP GOING VICKIE.  And I did.  I kept right on going.  An hour later, mission complete, I decided I'd just do a quick drive-by at the thrift store.  Surely someone snagged those gorgeous chairs, and besides, there was only two - who wants just two chairs.  This was my story to myself.  Just a quick drive-by to see the empty space where the two chairs were.........And then there were FOUR, and then there were EIGHT!  OhhhhMYgawd.  Ok, will power down the drain.  I stopped - just curious.  They'd be too expensive for me anyway since I'm a penniless pauper.  Just take a peek so I'd know I couldn't afford them anyway.

ON SALE - 50% OFF.  Which as the sales lady put it, "two for the price of one" which was already a stunningly low price. Need I say more?????

So here's some "before" shots of the dirty EIGHT chairs I bought.  I spent the rest of the day scrubbing them - they were really gnarley dirty - with Hepcat's totally awesome "Awesome" - took a bit of elbow grease but boy does that stuff work!

And.....Drum Roll.....Here are my new Thonet, made in Poland, 1950's chairs!  Are they show-stoppers or what?!

And here is the other style - slightly different & still gorgeous!

**By the way, Big Daddy will just have to wait for that Tag Hauer (wink-wink) watch I was planning to get him.  He'll  understand, I know he will, don't you think?**

So, if anyone wonders why an old babe like me still believes in Santa, well, there he is, right there, watching over me & making sure at least one Christmas wish came true!  ;- ) 

(and so will the person that finds them in the store and loves them too!)

Thank you Santa ;- )

Hope y'all are having a great holiday season!



  1. Oooohhhh Vickie im loving your chairs there blinking gorgeous ;-)) And father christmas indeed came early ;-)) Good on you for going back to get them ;-)) Have a lovely christmas and a great new year. And enjoy those gorgeous chairs, hugs, dee xxx

  2. Thanks Dee! I've ended up keeping the set on the bottom picture for my kitchen. I love em! Took the other set to the store yesterday. Hope somebody loves them too ;- ) Thank you so much, as usual, for stopping by - it means a lot. Hoping your holidays will be as fun & beautiful as you are.

  3. WOWEEEE those chairs look amazing!!! I'm soooooo glad the "Awesome" worked for you!!!

  4. Hepcat! Good to see you my friend! And yep, that "Awesome" is sumthin else! Got to get to the Dollar Store & stock up with about a case or two of it.

  5. I applaud your patience and effort in cleaning your chairs. You did a great job; they look almost new! And oh yes, they are DEFINITELY show-stoppers! I think you got those chairs for a great bargain. How lucky for you that they came in an entire set of eight!