Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What Better Time Than Christmas For Nostalgia....

With all the razzle-dazzle-FRAZZLE of the holiday's, I think the very best part is the "looking back" and remembering times of the treasured past.  Somehow all things not so good disappear and we look fondly at the love & h appiness that our folks, friends, and family gave to us.  The greatest gift of all, no matter how rich or poor, the gift of love, laughter and treasured memories of days gone by.  So today I'm going to share just a few things that were/are my "gifts"

First of all, me & my sis on one of our many exciting visits to see Santa.  Mom took us every year from my earliest memories to Hale's on K Street, where she got a job every year gift wrapping presents so me & my sister could have THE most magical Christmases ever.  There were many years of these pictures but unfortunately this is the only one that still exists or that I can find.  It's pretty funny I know - we look like funny little dorks, but oh my, did mom dress us like a couple of dollies.  I wish you could see the gorgeous "finery" in this picture - exquisite.  It's what she wrapped all those presents for.  And did we feel like the cat's pajama's!  She took us all around the store to show us off, and it was THE most special treat to stop at the perfume department & the pretty sales lady would say how beautiful we were and put a special dab of expensive perfume behind our ears!  Me & my sister, Paula
 (Is it okay if I say...Dammit I miss her so bad!!!! - Thank you for indulging me)

Next is a sweet note I got from my beautiful cousin Karen, who is also my lifelong best friend - she sizes it all up with her words:

Merry Christmas Friends,
I know you're busy but you need a little rest and this will bring a smile to your face.
Get comfy and close your little eyes and drift back to your childhood Christmas's. SO exciting, especially Christmas Eve! We knew we had to get to sleep so Santa could come but were so revved up it took a little while so we'd slowly slip into dreamland thinking of all the wanted gifts that Santa would leave under the tree.
Do you remember the jammies you had on? Maybe they were the ones Auntie gave you at Christmas Eve celebration which was a kick! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and lots of cookies, candy and cakes, preceded by "sensible" food, some of which may have been traditional and/or special ethnic foods with tastes and smells
that were only experienced at very special occasions.
Wake up! Wake up! HO HO HO. Guess who visited us and he did eat the cookies we left him.  Remember how your new dolls smelled and how shiny and soft their pretty curls were?  And how about that new bike or those new ice skates or roller skates with the key to tighten the clamps so they wouldn't fall off (but they always did).
Perfectly magical wasn't it?  If you really float back to these times, you can almost hear the laughter, smell all the "once a year" smells and feel again how our little hearts were brimming with excitement and, after all gifts were opened and tried, a soft contentment.
Isn't she so right!
And lastly, I visited my dear friend Hepcat's Blog last night & found a great old Christmas video of "Frank & Bing" (no need for last names, right?!) and asked him if he minded if I share it here with you.  He very kindly said NO!  Haha - he was just kidding of course, so I thank him and share it with you & hope it gives you the sweet memories & feelings it gave to me.  Enjoy!
Well, I did that UNsuccessfully, but do click on the link - you'll be glad you did.
Merry Christmas my friends - make memories!


  1. BTW....DO go visit Hepcat's blog & check out the other vintage Christmas video's - especially the 1940's one. Thought I'd fall off my chair laughing!

  2. HEY! The vid showed up below so just go there! I'm such a dork with all this stuff!

  3. Thanks for all the kind words and support Vic! What a great post! I loved every part of it..the picture...the letter to friends. Merry Christmas!!

  4. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas Vickie and enjoy getting together with your family. I am looking forward to getting together with you and hopefully my sisters too in 2012. Love Tina


    What a great childhood Christmas lucky lady!

  6. Hey my dear friends! Thank you so much for stopping by at such a busy time! You know I ALWAYS love to "see" you & all your sweet comments. Hepcat - it's just darn good to see you back again! Been missing you like crazy! Tina Dawn, what a nice surprise! You must stop by more often & I also cannot wait to get together in the new year. And, my dearest Skye - as're just too darn special for words. And you're right, I am lucky to have some very sweet childhood memories. ((HUGS)) & hope y'all have THE very best new year!

    Hey! BTW - I just got a call from the store and the chairs I showed you below just sold today! Whooppeeee! Too bad I can't part with the second set :- )