Sunday, December 11, 2011

A VERY Grand Announcement!

This is my friend Nelly.  How do I know she's my friend?  Because she say's My Friend's Call Me Nelly on her (fantastic) blog, so I call her Nelly, and well, you do the math :- ) 
Rather Queenly don't you think? 

She is sometimes called Queen Nelly because first of all, she was simply born to it, and secondly, she is THE Queen of vintage frockery! 
Who says a Queen must be an old frump?  Not Queen Nelly!  Nosiree, she has her very own Queendom of PIZAZZ! 

And being the kind, gracious, gorgeous Queen of vintage PIZAZZ that she is, she has declared she will share the wealth of her finest royal vintage frockery with the world and we here at Sponge Curlers & Cupcakes proudly announce
The VERY grandest opening of

So okay all my loyal followers - all 5 of you :- ) (I love & appreciate you very much) - get on over to Nelly's store, bring your BIGGEST shopping bags & your lowest balance credit card and SHOP in Queenly style!  PASS THE WORD! (and the link!)



  1. Oh Vicki you funny doll I loved it thanks so much.Am reading this 1st thing in the morning and grinning from ear to ear You are so sweet xxx

    ps and yes do come over people

  2. aahhh bless your heart ;-)) That is such a lovely post i adore Nelly blogs to and this such a sweet thing to do for her. I will pop over as soon as. Take care, dee xx

  3. Hi Nell. Glad I could give you a little *grin*. You are such a dear, and I had fun doing it. Looks like my other three followers (*grin*) must be crazy busy this week with Xmas & such. But hey, me & Dee are here to cheer you on. You'll do well love - just keep on truckin! Sending ((HUGS)) from sunny California!

  4. Dee! You're such a sweetheart. I know how crazy-busy you are right now & I so appreciate you taking time to always stop by. But this is for our girl & so we blow off our dusty old pom-poms & cheer her on! Thank you for stopping by! Sending YOU ((HUGS)) from sunny Calif too!