Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Salute....

Veteran's ~ Friends & Loved One's ~ Near and Far

To ~

My Daddy ~ Daniel James Kennedy, United States Army, WWII, Italy

My dear friend Hepcat, United States Air Force

My FB Friend, Mary Everett, United States Navy Nurse

And Terrance A. Pratt, Viet Nam Vet, United States Army.  No picture but who remains a dear and close friend.

Sending my snappiest salute to all who have fought for and/or guarded our beloved freedom.  I send you my thanks.



  1. Vic,
    Who's that good looking, THIN, young guy? Thanks for the tribute and for being so patriotic. I am very proud of that time in my life.

  2. That thin young guy looks little a skinny beanpole! He's a waaay hunky handsome Irish lad now! And, It's easy to be patriotic when you were born of one parent who spent 4 years in Europe & fought the fiercest battles at Monte Casino in Italy & one who was home supporting the war effort in all ways possible. Yep, that's my hero Daddy up there - the "other" handsomest Irish Lad ever :- ) Good to see you kiddo! I'm on my way to your "place" now.