Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Goodbye Chicken Soup!

Hello LIVING again!  I'm back in the groove & boogyin down so come on, get on down & join me!  (Come on now - don't be shy.  Y'all remember this :- )

Now didn't that feel good! 

I remember in grammer school on special occasions when the whole darn school (including Mr. Stewart - the principal) would gather on the playground & form an enormous circle and do the hokey pokey - what a fun treat that was!  Oh, and the bunny hop too!  But I think I'm not up for that one anymore.  On second thought - one might try anything in one's old age.  I've got a few things planned to blog about in the next few days including a few treasures I'd found pre-DEATH BED.  So come on back, hopefully my thoughts will be worthy of sharing.  I still have to practice making my photo's as interesting as Heidi Ann's - she really sets the bar HIGH - (unfortunately right now all I know about setting the bar is how high the stool is!  Haha! ;- )  Cheeio!  It's good to be amongst the living again!  Now get up & put that right foot in!  


  1. Oh - you are so sweet!!
    I am happy to hear that you are feeling better; being sick is so totally the pits!
    Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. Glad you are feeling better!

    I have no idea how some folks make their photos look so good, so I gave up trying a long time ago, and simply post whatever I can!!

  3. And that's the charm of you Ranchie! Ya are who ya are & folks are just drawn to you. That Heidi Ann, now she just has THE magic touch with "staging" & that's the charm of her. I'm so envious of creative people :- ) Thanks for stopping by. You did you both get up & do the hokey pokey, right??? ;- )

  4. So glad you are back to good health!!!!

  5. HOKEY POKEY?????? My knees would never forgive me!!!!!!!! :>D