Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chicken Soup Instead of Cupcakes...

Under the weather, down for the count -

But hey, chicken soup is one of my favorite things too ;- ) 

I may love chicken soup but I HATE BEING SICK!  Send me good vibes & healing karma.  Be back soon


  1. awww sending healing mojo...

    Get well soon!!

  2. I really hope you get better Vic! Mel & I are super bummed we won't see you tomorrow. We are sending healing mojo too!!!

  3. Thank you Ranchie & Hepcat. I'm at least walking & not crawling today. But still not well enough to make the LONG anticipated trip to your house today Hepcat : -( Can't tell you how super bummed I am. I've been SO looking forward to seeing all the new, beautiful additions - and you guys of course. Getting OLD & falling apart STINKS! Hope to see you soon. And Ranchie, I took a quick peek at your horse pictures & will have a few words to add soon. Thanks for the wishes and great mojo. I think they're helping already!

  4. ((((HUGS)))) Kiddo! Feel better soon. Hope it's nothing major.