Friday, August 26, 2011

A Twinkle In Time

That’s what I call the legitimization of my PASSION (sickness?!) for loving, collecting and buying all things vintage (i.e., garage sale-ing, estate sale-ing, thrift store stalking, curbside rescuing – all nice names for, well, you know ;- ).  So I found a place to pass along the things I love to others to love and appreciate as I do.  Myself & a friend looked for the perfect place but didn’t need to look far one day while visiting the beautiful historic district of Folsom, California.  We checked out one place that was beautiful but a bit too shabby chic for us.  I do like some shabby chic but find too much to be over the top & this place, while lovely was definitely over the top & their rules not to our liking.  Then a "home" was found on Sutter Street – The Folsom Mercantile Exchange.  It was everything an “antique” place should be.  Large, light, airy, and most important, THE most wonderful people who took us under their experienced wings and taught us how to “fly” in this wacky world of collecting, buying & selling.   A place to share, thrive (and validate!) and make new, wonderful friends.  We started with one space & are now into a second space.  One for our LOVE of all things vintage & “girlie”, and one for our new found passion for the retro era that was so much a part of both of our lives, and we’re LOVING re-living it.  So, here we are, as we started and where I am today.  There is also a little website:  <A HREF=>A Twinkle In Time</A> which you can look at & better see what's up.  As I said in my blurb on this page, I will NOT be “pitching” stuff here, just sharing thoughts & great “finds”, but if you’d like to check it out, then please be my guest!
Three years ago we started with a couple of folding tables, some lace tablecloths & a few pieces of beautiful junk!  And that's my GORGEOUS niece, Colette helping with the "grand opening"
Here it is today - sort of - everything changes from month-to-month & these pics were a while back and I think it's a bit more organized now.  I'll post newer ones later, but this is pretty much it.  This is the "girlie" side
Here's the retro side - again, sort of - the scene has changed many times, but this was it a while back

So that's it - *A Twinkle In Time*


  1. Well, looks like I screwed up already darnit! I THOUGHT I knew how to post a "hot link" but it didn't work here & I don't know how to fix things yet. So if you'd like to visit the website, please copy & paste -
    Bear with me :- )

  2. I was so happy and proud to be a part of the opening! Love that funny pic of Goose with the red lips!! What a cool Auntie I have!! You guys are a hoot.