Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Auntie's Attic

I didn't want to take things from Auntie's attic.  That means she's getting older & thinking about "going through things".   But she told me she had these great old shoes I must have!  Well, see, she is my "Auntie Mame" - if you ever saw the old movie with Roz Russell then you'd know my Auntie.  She's all that and more, and we've had a love affair since the day I was born.  She was (& still is) a glamour girl for all time.  A wild-child who did all things a girl of her time wasn't supposed to do but that others secretly wished they could. As a teenager she ran off with a circus performer!  She entered beauty contests, and saw the world with a dashing rogue air force jet pilot.  She bought me my first bikini!  The first two-piece anything I'd ever worn & if you knew a bikini in the early 60's, it wasn't too daring, but my bellybutton did show!  Mom wasn't thrilled I tell ya!   Did I mention she was beautiful?  Oh she was a show-stopper when she entered a room.  Men's eyes would bug out of their heads & she could have her pick of them all.  I wanted to be her.  Our love affair continues to this day & will for always & forever.  So, I did go to collect some of Auntie's treasures, and here are some of them.  Some will be beautiful additions to my nostalgia room, others may go to the store. 

Auntie's Shoes ~ So glamourous & stylish and of course a matching evening bag

Another pair of shoes & a GORGEOUS beaded evening bag

My grama's purse & a pretty little lucite light switch cover

And a great old 60's pole lamp.  I didn't crop this picture for a reason....note the table lamp to the left on my table?  Note it has a price tag hanging from it?  Brought it home from the store cause I LOVE it & just HAD to have it.  Just forgot to take the price tag off of it!  I guess I could call it my Minnie Pearl lamp?! 

So those are a few of the treasures from an Auntie who is a treasure to me.


  1. I guess you need to click on some of the pics to see them better because they just don't show up so good on the page. I must hone my photography skills.

  2. Clicking away because those shoes are AMAZING! The pole lamp is great too but have to laugh at the price tag, I set up photo shoots of new things all the time and don't realize until I see the photo the price sticker is still on. I think they call it junk drunk.

  3. That price tag is hilarious! That's a great pole lamp..I'm digging the light switch cover too.

  4. Hey, thanks guys. The pole lamp isn't exactly my style but darn if I was going to see it in the dumps pile! Someone will love it & give it a home I'm sure. And since I took that picture I've done a tour of the house making sure I don't have any other Minnie Pearl items around!

  5. Hi Retro! Thanks so much for stopping by & hope to be "seeing" much more of each other on these fine blogs!

  6. Oh wow what great things Id love to see a pic of aunty then and now xx