Friday, September 9, 2011

Dancing Cheek-To-Cheek

Sitting here listening to my own music & wishing I were dancing cheek-to-cheek to it with my 8th grade beau Harry Walter.  (Yep, that was my first love's name :- ) & could we cut a rug together!  I so miss that great old, cooshy, mooshy, lovey-dovey dancing!  Don't you???
Happy Weekend & may all your dances be cooshey-mooshey-lovey-dovey ones ;- )


  1. I love this post! The cheek to cheek chipmunks are too cute. Will we be seeing you tmrw at the faire?

  2. Don't they look just SO in luv! And yep, we're going to 2nd Sunday tomorrow. Geez, I was in old Sac this morning & gads was it HOT even in the a.m.! Nasty muggy hot. I think we'll go early
    tomorrow a.m. Maybe we can give each other a ringle-jingle on cel phones & have some lunch maybe round 11:30 or noonish?