Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm Baaack ~ And Need Some Help!

Did you miss me?  (Don't everyone yell at once ;- ) 

I've been remiss since the last post I know, but my poor old scrambled brain just couldn't get anything together.  Not for a lack of ideas - I'm never at a loss for words for sure, but just couldn't get motivated to get it out here!  Anyway, the past week I have spent at THE most GORGEOUS coastline in the entire world (yes, I am prejudice) - the beautiful North Coast of California.  It's where I go to re-charge my battery & get at least a few of my remaining marbles back.  I'm going to write much more about it later when I get all my photo's arranged (yes, you do have to look at vacation pictures :- ) but for now I want to show a few pics of my new nostalgia room that Ranchie got me started on. 

But first here's the CALL FOR HELP!....
I'm going to start an Etsy store.  I've been thinking about it for a while & after purchasing the adorable "Little Lady" ad from the very sweet Paris at My Attic's Charm (on Etsy) I decided to go for it.  I've got so darn many little things sitting around the house that there's no room for at the store so this may be a good way to move them.  I don't have it set up yet but I am going to work on that today, but here's the catch......I can't think of what the heck to call it!  I've wracked my poor old tired out brain & can't think of ANYTHING cute or clever. all my millions of followers (*snurk*) - from reading the description of me on the right side of this page, as well as seeing some of the pics I have posted of my stuff (maybe some of you have even looked at my photo album), maybe you could help me by suggesting a name for my store.  Honest, I really do need help with this so any helping hands would be VERRRY appreciated. 

Now on to the nostalgia room.  I started with pretty much a blank canvas.  The walls are very light lilac & I had my grama's bed & two dressers.  So here's where it's at:

First, I want to show the Little Lady ad I got from My Attic's Charm on Etsy.  I was going to mat & frame it but I found this darling frame at the thrift store for a buck seventy-five & thought it would be so cute with the picture.  Maybe later I will hang it but for now it's on Grama's dresser

 Here's the bed (stuck in center mode again).  I found the Ralph Lauren down comforter & shams at the thrift store for 5 dollars!  Already had the black silky bedskirt & comforter & I love pink & black together so I just rolled up the comforter & left the bedskirt

Here's a little vanity chair (I pick them up incessantly because I seem to always need one for a vanity I'm re-doing & they seem to never have the original stools).  I collect "Frog Prince" stuff because I DEFINATELY kissed A LOT of TOADS in my day!

So it's coming along!  (Hm, back to left align again - I'll get this figgered out someday!).  And here's a little sneak peek at some of the treasures I found on my 600 mile pick-a-rama on the North Coast!  I spent hours washing & scrubbing and I need to get everything photographed (today) so I'll be back to feature some of my favorite finds.  Heck they're ALL favorites!  What to choose, what to choose!

(Haha!  Back to center align again - *sigh*)
So that's it for now my friends.  I'm NOT glad to be back from the coast (to ONE HUNDRED degrees in good ol Sacto CA) but so glad to be back here to yak and visit with you all at your sites.  Till next time....Cheerio! 



  1. If i think of anything, I'll let you know - but I am not terribly imaginative when it comes to things like that! I called mine Gold Country Girls! Oh - I just thought of something:
    How about "So Very Vickie"?' or if it would be mostly vintage, "Vintage From Vickie"?
    That's all I've got for now.

  2. Thank you Heidi Ann - I shall put them in the hat. At least you thought of SOMETHING! I appreciate it.

  3. Call it what your website is named! Product branding and all that. If you are serious about sales, you keep your name consistent. If you already have a business website selling the same thing, that's what you name your etsy shop. My two cents. :)

    Love all your things! I looked and looked for a matching set of vanity chairs for the master bedroom, but gave up and bought two different kinds. Sigh.

  4. I think you're two cents are spot-on Ranchie. I kinda wanted something different but you're right about consistency - that's important.

    And isn't it funny about those vanity chairs! How many designs can one make with the same style? Plenty obviously because I've never seen two the same either. But since they are the same style & material they do blend well especially if you re-cover the seats in the same fabric. I'd love to have the matching wood stools from the old vanities but it is rare to find them & these metal ones do look nice with them. Thanks for the kind words about my new nostalgia room. I'm having great fun putting it together & searching for things.

  5. I agree with Atomic Ranch..stay consistent so people tie you to a "name".

  6. Thanks Hepcat. That's two votes for consistency. GET WELL SOON~ And thanks for the ALWAYS welcome (& needed) advise today. I'm kinda excited to get busy on that great old phonograph stand/record cabinet. Just hope the weather holds up. Sending chicken soup ((HUGS))